Wade Harman
September 28, 2016

5 Highly Successful Ways To Promote Your Blog

This is the second article in our “Great Articles You may have missed” series.

This Is Why You Need To Promote Your Blog

You blog.

You hit “Publish”.

After that you sit back and wait for the traffic to come to your blog.

But isn’t there more you could do?

Are you leaving something out?

You’ve got some pretty good content, but perhaps there’s a step missing?

Here’s some ways in which you can promote your content to make sure it is getting to your target audience quickly and efficiently.

#1 Social Media

Social media is a power house for your blog.

This should be some of the first networks you share to after you publish your post.

However, some people go all out when they promote to social media, and that’s okay too. You don’t have to just include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, you can include them all.

The more you include the better!

Don’t think social media will solve all of your traffic problems though.

There’s a lot of work to be done on this front, but, with time and consistency, you can create a large audience that surrounds your brand.

In the meantime, you can learn from influencers while you work. These guys have built a social traffic network which helps them drive success to their website.

It’s important to learn from others while you build your brand on social media.

Eventually, social media should be your best blog sharing option.

#2 Blogging Syndication Communities

These are great for bloggers who are just getting started. They are also great for bloggers who have been around for a while too. Blogging communities post your RSS feed and share when you publish a new post.

There are three good ones you can use.

Side Note: These sites charge a monthly fee to become involved with them (except Triberr), but I think it is worth the money spent to help get your blog noticed quickly. Blog Engage charges 4.99 pounds (about $6.5o U.S. Dollars) per month. Blokube is a little more expensive at 9.99 pounds ($13 U.S. Dollars) per month.

Given a choice between the two, I have been involved with both and there’s not much difference with options. Go with the cheaper one and see how it fits your blog. After all, you can cancel at any time and try the more expensive one later.

Triberr is more of a social sharing community which will help you build tribes and extend your social reach. This community is free to join and a great option for you.

The Benefits

Doing something like this will enhance your sharing status. It will also connect you with people in the same niche you’re in as well.

That fact is important.

As a blogger, you want to connect and build relationships with others as quickly as possible. This is a good way to do that. blogging for marketing and trafficHowever, just as with anything, make sure you are connecting your brand to people who are on the up and up. You can get a pretty good feel for how a person does business by visiting their blog and checking their content.

If you like what you see, you can connect with that person to automatically share their post RSS feed when it becomes active. The point of this is when they see you doing that, they will (hopefully) return the favor and put your blog feed in their active share networks as well.

You will learn as you get better at blogging who the best people for your brand are.

#3 Include Colleagues in Your Posts

Collaboration is a great way to promote your blog. One great idea is to have a collaborative post – also known as a roundup – where different friends and colleagues write a couple of sentences about a topic.

Once this post goes live, you can email them and let them know to share.

On the other side of that coin you also have instances where you mention someone in your post. They haven’t created any content for you, but perhaps you have pointed out a great article or strategy you have noticed from them.

In both cases, when the post is live, you can email these people and let them know about the article. More often than not, you will get a share and some promotion from this person.

#4 Send To Your Subscribers

The email list is king!

Hopefully you are building your email list every day. These subscribers are important people to your brand. Make your subscribers feel extra special by giving them first option to view the post.

Keeping this special feeling is one great way to keep them engaged with the content you write.

Once you have published, send an email immediately to your subscribers and let them know it’s live. One thing I like to do is linking my blog rss feed to Aweber and it will send a message to your subscribers right away letting them know about the post.

#5 Learn from Analytics

My biggest mistake was not paying attention to Google Analytics.

Don’t make the same mistake I did.

For almost a year, I went without the guidance of Analytics, and I suffered from it.

Google Analytics will allow you to understand what types of content your audience likes the best. This is sort of sideways promotion because even though Analytics can’t promote your blog physically, it can help you build a map to some of the targeted content in which your readers like to see and share.

Take a look at how to set up Google Analytics for your blog.

Over To You

These are some of the best ways to start driving traffic immediately to your blog today. Don’t underestimate the power of simple things. Usually, it’s the simple things that do the most for your strategy.

Do you have something you would like to add to the list? Perhaps it’s something unconventional that is working really well for you right now?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


Wade HarmanWade Harman

Head Honcho at Cornerstone Marketing
My main social media marketing strategy with my blog is to build on a larger fan base by connecting individually with each person. This creates a more targeted clientele base and eventually leads to more sales. Building a site that has integrity is what I’m all about in my social media marketing strategies. This is also known widely as relationship marketing, of which I practice every day with my social strategy.

This article was originally titled “5 Insanely Successful Ways To Promote Your Blog” and was published on wadeharman.com and is republished here with permission.

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