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August 19, 2020

5 Best Customer Success Strategies That Can Help You Grow Your Business

Customer Success Strategies To Grow Your Business

Did you know that one in three customers would move away from their beloved brand if they had even one poor experience?

Clearly, if you want your business to grow, you need to focus on providing a positive experience to your customers. That’s why it’s important for you to formulate effective customer success strategies.

It is a methodology that focuses on making sure that your customers’ expectations are met. When they use your product, they should be satisfied.

Regardless of the industry you are in, customer success is something that you need to pay attention to. In this article, let’s take a look at some of the best customer success strategies that you can leverage to grow your business. 

Which Customer Success Strategies Can You Use to Grow Your Business?

Everything from brand awareness to customer loyalty is included under the umbrella of customer success. Here are some of the most effective customer success strategies that you can use:

1. Understand Your Customer Journey

The first step to master customer success management is to understand different stages of the sales funnel. Not all leads that you get will be in the same stage of the customer journey. Some of them might not know anything about your brand, while others may be looking to make a purchase.

Check out the screenshot below to understand the different stages of the sales funnel. From awareness and evaluation to loyalty, during each stage, your prospects have different requirements.

Customer Success Strategies

Image via Growth Hackers

Your job is to identify their position in the sales funnel. Once you identify the stage, you need to nudge them to the next stage. 

This strategy is important to get new customers, retain old ones, boost customer satisfaction, and to grow your business.

2. Pay Attention to Personalization

Personalization is a strategy that can take your customer success to the next level. Once you have identified your customer’s needs, it’s time to give them what they are looking for. You need to tailor your communication to match their goals and requirements.

Instead of shooting off a generic email announcing your new offer, you should consider segmenting your lists. Based on each customer goal, you can personalize the content you send them. 

Similarly, you can design intelligent chatbots that ask customers a series of questions to gauge what they are looking for. They are programmed to provide personalized suggestions that might match their preferences.

If you have an app, you can also include an entire section for personalized recommendations. Big brands, including Amazon and Netflix, leverage this customer success strategy.

Even Spotify provides a personalized playlist to each listener based on their listening history. 

After releasing this feature, they tested how users were responding to it. They found out that the number of users who sought the track on their own after discovering a song via the personalized playlist was up by 80%.

Customer Success Strategies

Image via Spotify

3. Focus on Providing a Great Onboarding Experience

Once a customer buys your product, it’s time for you to onboard them. Their experience during this stage defines the tone of your relationship with them. It also sets their expectations for your product.

To provide a smooth onboarding experience, your aim should be to simplify the process as much as possible. You need to make sure the training is easy and covers all steps for setting up or using your product.

Also, it’s a good idea to include visuals to explain the process better. You could create a YouTube channel where your customers can access video tutorials. You can also design infographics to communicate in a clear, visual way. 

The business communication platform, Slack, has an innovative approach for user onboarding. They overlay informational messages to acquaint users with their platform.

Customer Success Strategies

Image via OpenView Venture Partners

What’s more, you can also provide a series of webinars to explain the onboarding process in detail. The biggest advantage of webinars is that customers can access them whenever they want.

Not sure how to create them? You can use platforms like EverWebinar to create webinars that can keep your customers engaged.

4. Collect Feedback

As a business owner or a marketer, your worst nightmare is to watch your customers leave. However, the truth is that no matter what you try, you are not going to impress everyone.

When your customers want to cancel their subscription or stop buying your product, think of it as an opportunity to understand your shortcomings. The way to go about it is to ask them how their experience was and which areas need improvement.

Invest some time in designing a detailed feedback or survey form. Based on their responses, list common churn reasons and work on ways to improve upon those areas.

5. Leverage the Right Tools

Being available for your customers and ensuring they have a great experience can take a lot of time and effort. To make the process smoother, you need to leverage the right tools. 

From advanced tools for CRM to email automation and social media marketing, you need to have it in your arsenal. From keeping track of your customer database to reaching out to them at every stage of the customer journey, these tools can take care of it all. 

The biggest benefit of using customer success software programs is that it enables you to spot issues before they switch over to another brand. You can also increase your customer engagement and retention rate. 

Using such tools, you can also upsell and cross-sell your products effectively. It can be a great way to optimize your customer relationships and make sure you are doing the best to keep them satisfied.

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Customer success is an important concept for any business looking to boost their growth. Providing a positive experience to your customers is the best way to attract more leads, reduce your churn rate, and boost your retention rate. 

Right off the bat, you need to invest time in gauging what your customers need and which stage of the sales funnel they are in. 

Along with it, focus on offering a great onboarding experience. Furthermore, it’s also a good idea to focus on personalization to provide them with a tailored experience. It’s also a good idea to conduct exit surveys to gauge areas you need to work on.

Do you have any questions related to the customer success strategies mentioned above? Please mention them in the comments section below. We’ll try our best to help you out!

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