Joshua Daniels

8 Branding Facts And Statistics (Infographic)

Branding facts and statistics

As Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) once said, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”. Branding helps to connect with your customers emotionally, and in an increasingly overcrowded marketplace, branding represents an increasingly important element in successful businesses today. First impressions are crucial and it’s important to…

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Diana Beyer

Branding. It’s something that B2C companies need to do well. Why? Because it’s a competitive world out there, and a lot of sales are based on being memorable in consumers’ minds. Everyone knows the logos and slogans of these two B2C brands: These logos and slogans are part of a larger branding message that companies…

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Diana Beyer

These 10 Examples Prove That B2B Branding Really Matters

Many people don’t believe that branding really matters in the B2B digital marketing space. They argue that the relationship building is based on professional standards, and purchasing processes in B2B are too focused on logic and policy for branding to make a big difference. This could not be further from the truth. Emotional connection, loyalty,…

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Susan Gilbert

To Attract a Large Audience, Get Creative!

To compel your community to respond, get creative in the development of your unique brand personality. Use powerful storytelling, eye-catching visual content and interactive conversations. Your initial goal is in establishing your message and image before developing a solid digital marketing strategy. A successful business is one that creates content with your target market in…

Bryan Kramer

Why You Should Start Investing In Your Personal Brand

Stop and think for a moment. What would you say is the most important thing to ensure career success? Is it your impressive range of product knowledge for your industry? Perhaps it’s your ability to grow your client’s social presence? While those skills are impressive, as a marketer (as in life) there’s really only once…

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Jennifer Hanford

Boost Social Media Marketing by Hosting Offline Events

If you ask any event professional about the current state of events, tradeshows and conferences, they’ll tell you that business has never been better. Why is this? Because people still enjoy meeting and talking with others “in person.” Offline events also provide excellent opportunities for networking and learning from the experts within their industry. For…

Bryan Kramer

Use These 7 Steps to Build Your Personal Brand

You know the importance of promoting your company to develop a solid base of loyal followers. But how much time and effort do you dedicate to building your personal brand? You do have one. It’s what people associate you with; it’s why your personal and professional network seeks you out for information. And you do…

Brett Relander

5 Metrics to Measure Influencer Marketing

In the past, it was often difficult to accurately measure marketing methods to determine which methods were driving the highest levels of traffic. Today, we have access to a wide array of online marketing methods, including social media and influencer marketing. In fact, a study conducted by SocialChorus found that an influencer marketer campaigns can…

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Jennifer Hanford

3 Social Media Pet Peeves You Need To Avoid!

Pet peeves. You know, those “little” things that end up annoying you like nothing else? Even to the point where you feel like screaming or banging your head against a wall? Of course you know what I’m talking about, because we all have a pet peeve…or more than one. Or many of them. One of…

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Reginald Chan

I call myself a stingy person. When it comes to logo creation for my blog or business, I usually stick to the cheapest that I can find. My meaning of “the cheapest” is pretty simple: Cheap and high quality. At some point, you may debate on the topic because in most cases, cheap and good…

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