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Susan Gilbert
August 15, 2016

Convert Your Social Media Connections Into Sales

Is your business generating enough sales from your social media efforts? Would you like to turn your website subscribers into loyal customers? According to Statista, by 2018 there will be approximately 2.67 billion people who use social media worldwide. When it comes to building your business through social media, your blog is your greatest asset.…

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Susan Gilbert
August 8, 2016

Build More Exposure For Your Business With Facebook Live

Are you ready to go beyond text-based posts and pre-recorded video? Want to take advantage of a growing live stream trend? Since the launch of Meerkat and Periscope in 2015, live streaming has quickly caught on with audiences.  The ability to share events as they occur, attracts interested prospects quickly. Facebook took note and officially…

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Susan Gilbert
August 1, 2016

What Augmented Reality Means for Brands

Lately, a very addictive augmented reality mobile game has taken over our social media world — Pokémon Go. While this platform has surged to the top of the charts, we as business owners should pay attention to this new and growing trend. There are several different forms of this latest technology — and of course…

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Susan Gilbert
July 25, 2016

How to Build Your Brand With Snapchat

If you’ve been tracking the growth of top social networks, then you’ll about Snapchat’s meteoric rise over the last year. Back in September 2011, this image messaging app was started by three Stanford University college students — Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown. According to Wikipedia, Snapchat today has 10 billion daily video views.…

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Susan Gilbert
June 27, 2016

Pinterest – The Great Traffic Generator

Millions of women already love pinning.  And – Did you know that men are the fastest growing demographic on Pinterest? Are you tapping into this opportunity to reach both male and female consumers? If not, you should be. According to an article on Marketing Land, Pinterest reported in 2015 that it had 100 million monthly…

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Maya Gaspar
June 7, 2016

Jonah Berger’s 6 “STEPPS” to Viral Success

Why are your cat’s photos more popular than yours? Why are 10% of all daily searches on the Internet for Donald Trump? Why does the book that is the subject of this blog post, “Contagious: Why Things Catch On”, appear third in the Google results, when you simply look for the word “contagious”? (Note: the…

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Luisa Brenton
May 5, 2016

6 Tips How to Use Instagram for eCommerce

Okay, so there are bigger networks out there than Instagram. The network has 400 million users while Facebook has four times that amount. Still, as Business Insider reports, that number hides some important realities. Instagram users are far younger on average than Facebook users and they view the network as far more important (32% say…

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Cendrine Marrouat
April 26, 2016

4 Tips to Craft a Winning Unique Value Proposition

In this very competitive world, one of the only things that can set your company apart from others in its category is your value proposition. Also known as a unique selling proposition (USP), this concise statement tells potential customers what value / benefits they can expect from a product or service. Companies also often include…

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Anna Olinger
March 1, 2016

6 Great Content Proofreading Services & Tools

Social media content has changed the way the world communicates. It dominates conversations and connection, and is a quick and easy way to share information. However, you don’t want to rush to publish posts before properly proofreading and editing. This final step of the creation process can make or break your social media’s outreach results.…

Mike Allton
February 17, 2016

How To Build A Large, Engaged Twitter Following

….Or, How I Grew My Twitter Following By 53% In 90 Days “If I told you that my global audience has shot up 100% in the last six months, what would you say? If you were to say, “So you went from one reader to two readers?” you’d be absolutely correct. And after I had…

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