Andy Capaloff
November 21, 2022

Life and Business After Twitter (and Facebook?) #HaveYourSay


When something this potentially seismic unfolds, it’s important that as many people’s opinions as possible are crowd-sourced. So, below, you’ll find our invitation to you to #HaveYourSay.

Business After Twitter #HaveYourSay

At the last count that I’m aware of, the value of Twitter was down to $8 billion. I’m sure that number has plummeted further.

Now, after insisting that employees must work a minimum of 40 hours per week onsite and insisting that Twitter employees must commit to working 12-hour days or leave, the danger of Twitter suddenly going down the tube seems more real and more imminent. There are plenty of other bad signs:

  • It was widely reported that close to 1200 employees accepted the offer of 3 months severance
  • Of the 50% of the overall workforce that Musk fired on his arrival, 80% of the engineering staff were included.
  • With fewer staff available who can fix things, the number of outages has already soared
  • Lack of necessary oversight caused by short-staffing could cause regulators to take a close look before long

The immediate question for all of us is, do we have a contingency for life, or more precisely, social business, after Twitter?

I’m not saying the platform absolutely will perish, but out of nowhere, the possibility is something that should concern everyone whose business relies on the platform to any large extent!

Twitter for Reach

If you’ve built up a sizable following on Twitter and use it to broadcast your latest blog posts or for customer service, do you have a contingency plan for if it continues its current path towards meltdown?

Hoping for the best is not a plan!

Nobody is saying you have to migrate now. But don’t be caught by surprise if the worst happens when such strong signs of problems are making themselves so evident.

Where Else Do You Have Reach?

Curatti has an established, if far less dynamic, footprint on LinkedIn. Through article publishing, commenting, and groups, this is likely the most viable alternative channel for many.

It’s obviously different. You can’t send out repeat posts on a loop, for example. Rather, you need to find good ways of keeping previous posts visible. It can certainly be done! Timothy Hughes and Adam Gray of DLA Ignite have great ideas on how to keep posts current longer. Summarized, perhaps over-simply, space out comments and/or likes on posts. But this process does require an engaged network.

Where else do you have a decent presence? What can you do to switch some reliance to those other platforms?

Where Else Might You Consider?

Quora, geared towards answering questions, and Reddit, which concentrates on knowledge and opinion broadcasting and interaction, have already carved serious niches for news and special interests.

Can either work for your business?

A couple of Curatti articles suggest the answer is yes. It may be time to decide which of these works best for you or whether, perhaps, both can play a part.

Actionable Tips To Get A Million Views On Quora

Is Reddit the future of Social Media Marketing?

Twitter for Customer Service

I will not be touching this one directly, as our regular Customer Service writer, Paolo Fabrizio is the one with the knowledge.

To read his article about how to handle Digital Customer Service when the future is uncertain, click below:

 It’s Time To Re-Think Digital Customer Service

Crowd Sourcing Your Thoughts and Experiences

There are many new Social Media platforms, each with its fans and each, apparently, with its own aims.

These articles from highly reputable sources list a few:

However, for fellow readers and small business people, there is no substitute for more personal recommendations.




We invite you to do any or all of the following:

  1. Leave a comment below – and/or respond to any existing comments
  2. Contact us regarding writing a high-quality article about your favorite network(s) for business
  3. Send us a paragraph or two on the above ASAP, which we can source into a roundup article. If you do this, please also include a brief bio and a link to your business or favorite social media.
  4. Join our new LinkedIn group – “Life and Business After Twitter (and Facebook?)”
  5. We’ve often considered creating a trusted peer-to-peer community on Curatti. Please let us know if that would be of interest to you.

For either #2 or 3, email us at with a clear title including “post-Twitter article suggestion” or “post-Twitter roundup submission.”

You can read the follow-up piece, by Alice Elliott (who I call the Commenting Queen) by clicking below:

How Can Twitter’s Chaos Benefit Us? #RIPTwitter

Final Thoughts (For Now)

As this excellent article from The Atlantic shows, the age of Social Media might be ending – or at least returning to something more akin to Social Networking. Certainly, with the demise of Twitter seeming probable now, and Meta signaling that they will not be concentrating as much on Facebook in the near future, a serious rethink appears in order for all businesses that have become reliant on either or both of these networks.

I think we’re leaning towards Mastodon as our new post-Twitter alternative. Or at least, it looks the most interesting of the networks we’ve looked at so far.

If you have experiences with this network, whether positive or negative, please comment or submit your thoughts for the above-mentioned roundup.

If you’ve settled on something else, please do the same.

Again, the email is, and please make your title clear.

We have to be stronger together than apart, so communication is more key now than ever before for small business survival. (If you’re sure you’ve found the best network, but nobody else is there, and you haven’t expounded on why it’s so good, you’ll have seriously damaged your chances of riding this upheaval out).

Of course, Twitter may somehow survive, even if another party picks it up for a song and revives it. But if nothing else, current events must surely have brought home to you that nothing lasts forever. And you already know that proaction beats reaction every time.

Best of luck!

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