Andy Capaloff
April 1, 2020

Will The Post COVID-19 World Be a Better Place?

Will The Post COVID-19 World Be a Better Place?

It’s really difficult for me to write a straight marketing article right now. I’ll leave that to our guest bloggers. I can only currently think about how COVID-19 has affected everything we all do.

I want to ask you a question I’ve seen elsewhere. What positives have you seen, that you hope will continue when the emergency is over?

For me, that’s easy:


My ‘resting face’ is a slight smile – always has been. Over the years, I’ve occasionally snapped back into full awareness of my surroundings, only to see someone smile at me. Of course, they thought I was smiling at them. (And yes, sometimes I am).

In the last couple of weeks, there have been more smiles coming my way. Smiling a lot is good for the soul. Other people smiling at you is even better. And it’s true that what you give is what you get. So try it!


My friend Deepak Lama is a great Indian chef and restaurant owner in Edgewater, NJ. He had to close his restaurant, Namaste India, in Edgewater, NJ. But he regularly goes into the kitchen there, and cooks and donates food to students, the police, and the local hospital.

A close work associate is offering video chats to his community, on request. No charge. I’d love to name him but will not, for fear that he gets an influx of chat requests from more people than he can handle.

I hope these two and others like them get back the good they are putting out.

There are many stories of giving. Of course, these will not all be possible to keep up when things return to a modified, hopefully nicer normal. But we’ll all remember these times. And we’ll remember those who went above and beyond.

Here’s one way the world has improved that we can keep up:

The Importance of Video Calls – Now More Than Ever

What Have You Seen That You’d Like To Talk About?

What good things have you seen that you’d like to mention?

Do you have a shout out to a particularly good person who you’d like to publicly recognize?

Do you see any ways that the post-COVID-19 world will be a nicer place or do you see that hope as wishful thinking?

Feel free to bring business into your comments… or not.

Please comment.


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