Ann Smarty

10 Content Curation Tools to Boost Your Productivity

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I am in love with these tools! As an avid content curator, I am always looking for the latest and best thing in the industry to help me do it faster, easier and in a more organized way. We are now in a time that is based so heavily around curation that you can find

Cendrine Marrouat

Content Curation: A Case Study in Doing It Right

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Like content creation, curation is not a one-size-fits-all tactic. There are many ways to do it right. As many, in fact, as there are curators. With that said, curation is an art form. It goes beyond the simple acts of copying and pasting a paragraph or two from an article, adding a link, and sharing

Jan Gordon

Four Surefire Ways To Increase Your Content Curation Traffic

Many of us, including Curatti writers Marty Smith and Karen Dietz, ‘cut our teeth’ on the scoopIt platform.  Used correctly, it offers any content marketer an invaluable means of driving traffic to their site, so boosting their SEO.  This article, by Guillaume Decugis, co-founder and CEO of ScoopIt shows some of the advantages of using

Martin (Marty) Smith

Content Curation – 5 Tips From Great Content Curators

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In an increasingly noisy world of content creation or “inbound marketing” content without curation is a rabble, a jumble of impossible to decipher DATA. Examples of content curation are easy to find: Navigation on any website. Finding related images. Adding related links and perspective from gurus and thought leaders. Responding to comments. Sharing content on

Karen Dietz

Create an Impact Through Curation – Here are the First 6 Steps

Yikes! There are about 20 steps to curate quality content. But never fear — they don’t all apply at once thank heavens! Or we’d never get anything else done. I want to make it really easy for you – because it can be. If you know what to pay attention to. Once you know what to do,