Ivan Temelkov

Getting Your Content Noticed By The Sophisticated Consumer

Sophisticated Consumer

In the modern digital age, it has become significantly more difficult and challenging to capture consumer attention. Each consumer absorbs in the vicinity of 1,500 different marketing messages on daily basis. That’s a staggering number, and it is no wonder that we tend to respond to 1%-2% of those at most. This is a clear…

Daniel Newman

How to Create Brand Attachment Through Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Continuing our “Great Articles You may have missed” series….. In the modern consumer world, customers expect top-notch experiences from reliable brands. Companies must not only meet this need, they must do so while contending with ever-shortening consumer attention spans. Relevance attachment keeps your customers close to your brand by keeping your brand consistently pertinent to their lives. …

Daniel Newman

Use Customer Journey Mapping To Master Customer Experience

Marketing in the modern world means making a personalized connection with your consumer base. The old way of blindly advertising and marketing based on vague data about generalized demographics doesn’t accomplish that goal. With better analytics and information than ever before driving business strategy, companies can now create accurate customer journey maps that help them…

Jan Gordon

How To Adapt To The Shifting Consumer Shopping Journey

By Robert Caruso When social media marketing was in its infancy, brands and marketers needed to do little to make an impact, standout and see results. Though the marketing platforms were new, the data quickly showed that early adopters and average consumers alike were willing to be influenced and make purchase decisions through the new…

Jan Gordon

How To Gain Deep Insights Into Customer Buying Behavior

By Tony Zambito The digital economy continues to evolve at a fast clip.  New technologies are being introduced nearly every month.   Startups are ascending while long tenured organizations suddenly find themselves on shaky grounds.  New services and product introductions are falling flat.   Making the pursuit of understanding why customers are buying or not buying most…

Karen Dietz

5 Story Secrets For Content Creators: Standing Out From The Crowd

Creating and sharing stories in your content strategy is critical for business success. And you will find lots of articles on the web about how to craft stories. There are plenty that will focus on story structures, story elements, and story diagrams. None of this will guarantee that you’ll actually create a compelling story, however.…

Andy Capaloff

To Find Your Customers, Reverse Your Own Customer Journey

Marketers are Customers Too! We’re all so busy trying to figure out how to reach customers, we forget (except when we read otherwise?) that we too are customers! We buy a lot more than we sell! So in mapping the customer journey and trying to figure out how they might reach us, rather than trying…

Michael Nelson

3 Key Roles Your Marketing Story Needs to Make it a Bestseller?

marketing and innovation

“There is only one valid definition of business purpose:  to create a customer. … Therefore, any business enterprise has two – and only two – basic functions: marketing and innovation” Peter Drucker, The Practice of Management, 1954 Bold statement.  Now, think about all the small businesses you’ve encountered that are poor at innovation and marketing and…