JP Misenas

How Brands Have Successfully Used Quizzes In Their Marketing

Content marketing has steadily become the most important trend in 2015. For marketers, that’s a clear indication that higher quality content can make a difference in any marketing strategy. The only problem is, how do we as marketers find the time to sift through the extensive options of content available? What piece of interactive content…

Jan Gordon

How To Overcome Content Marketing’s Biggest Challenges

By Brett Relander Brands today no longer have the luxury of simply sitting back and hoping that their brand identity will be enough to bring customers their way. Not only is transparency increasingly important in the more modern world of marketing, but consumers today demand increased interaction. If your brand is not able to deliver…

Albert Qian

How Powerful Brands Build Robust Communities

For the modern marketer, tactics have evolved. What was once a one-trick pony has now evolved into a multi-directional experience. Marketers must understand how to leverage social media, community management, email, live events, and blogs into their marketing mix. The modern marketer understands the needs of their audience. In a noisy world where consumers are…

Ron Sela

How Brands Can Maximize Influencers Through Marketing Campaigns

It is not uncommon for brands to engage with social media influencers, for creating and distributing content. By doing so, brands get access to the process of creation and distribution of relevant content. The content created by influencers is often distributed on their own website, but also pushed in their social media networks. More often…

Jan Gordon

How to Maintain and Scale Web and Content Traffic

By Robert Caruso Maintaining consistent traffic to your content, website and landing pages is crucial to your online marketing success. The ability to understand your top traffic sources and subsequent traffic patterns once they land on your content is key to reducing the frequent ups and downs that are difficult to predict. Am I right? In…

Martin (Marty) Smith

Red Bull Branding 2: Friends of Friends Marketing

Red Bull Branding 2 on Curatti graphic

Red Bull Branding Lessons: We Are All Media Companies Now discussed differences in marketing between P&G in the 1950’s and Red Bull in 2014. There are many differences. P&G’s brand marketing told parables and myths. Procter & Gamble used TV to align P&G’s brands with core values such as “good mother” and “take care of…

Martin (Marty) Smith

Customer Loyalty – 5 Ways SoLoMo Disrupts Loyalty

SoLoMo graphic on Curatti

World Is Upside Down The world is upside down and SoLoMo is to blame. SoLoMo stands for Social, Local and Mobile and the combination of these power trends is leveling the karma of many traditional brands. This Curatti post examines 5 Ways SoLoMo disrupts customer loyalty for car makers and dealers. Least you think its…

Martin (Marty) Smith

Red Bull’s Branding Lessons: We Are All Media Companies Now

Reb Bull Branding on Curatti image

BANG Branding Changed Figuring out why branding changed is moot. Understanding HOW branding has changed is important. Brands used to create aspirations for customers as this 1958 Tide commercial demonstrates: Flash forward to this video from Red Bull TV: What happened? A: The web, Smart Phones, We Changed, Branding Changed. There isn’t ONE thing moving…