JP Misenas
December 16, 2015

How Brands Have Successfully Used Quizzes In Their Marketing

Content marketing has steadily become the most important trend in 2015. For marketers, that’s a clear indication that higher quality content can make a difference in any marketing strategy. The only problem is, how do we as marketers find the time to sift through the extensive options of content available? What piece of interactive content has had the most appealing results and has performed consistently?

Ponder this thought for a second. What is it that made Buzzfeed stand out so much in the past couple of years? The answer isn’t as apparent as you might think, which is probably why this form of content has been one of the most underrated. But if you ever consider using social media quizzes as a part of your marketing strategy, now you’re thinking outside of the box.

Quizzes are simple in nature, and they’re relatively easy to create. But even if you create your own quiz and implement it in your strategy, where’s the proof that it’ll turn out to be a successful endeavor?

Today, we’ll be looking at 5 brands from different industries, so that you can see how they integrated a social media quiz into their marketing strategy along with the successes that followed. We’ll even include a takeaway from each example so that you have an idea of how you could emulate any one of these brands’ success.

How Z Gallerie Personalizes The Shopping Experiences With Quizzes (Retail)

Z Gallerie is a forward-thinking furniture company that focuses on interior design for both professionals and amateurs alike. They created the quiz “What is your Z Gallerie Personality Style?” as a way of generating leads and personalizing the shopping experience for every potential and current customer.

1Z Gallerie’s style quiz asks a series of questions then collects your contact information and recommends a set of products suited to your personality. The quiz itself brings in 1,000 new leads per day, and each lead is followed-up in a personal way through marketing automation.

Your Takeaway: If your brand offers a variety of products, consider creating a personality quiz to place your audience in different categories. Each of these categories could then offer personalized product recommendations based on their answers, personalizing the shopping experience for your brand.

How Cloud Sherpas Uses A Quiz To Qualify Leads (Software)

Cloud Sherpas is a cloud advisory and technology services company that caters to clients all over the world. They created the quiz “How mature is your ServiceNow instance?” to simultaneously generate and qualify leads.

2Cloud Sherpas’ quizzes appear boring to the general public, but very important to their target audience. They promote their quiz on their blog and Facebook, bringing in 3-4 qualified leads every day. It just goes to show you that quality over quantity is still relevant to this day.

Your Takeaway: Create a knowledge test that assesses how much someone knows about your brand, its products, or any other topic relevant to your company as a means of qualifying your leads. You’ll still be able to generate leads, but at the same time, you’ll be able to filter out the more qualified ones based on how much your audience knows.

How EiCollege Uses Quizzes To Differentiate Between Programs (Higher Education)

Eastern International College educates students in medical practices and provides students with the proper training for a future in the medical profession of their choice. They created the quiz “What degree program is right for you?” to differentiate between programs and to generate leads that increases enrollment rates.

3Because EiCollege is a university that specializes in nursing programs, many of them are incredibly similar, so they used a quiz as a way to differentiate between programs to suggest which was the right fit for a potential student. EiCollege’s quiz is also being used as a method for generating leads. The school has tracked 20 new student enrollments stemming from the quiz, amounting to over $1 million in new tuition.

Your Takeaway: Try to come up with a quiz that allows your brand to differentiate its products or services. This will allow your audience to make the most suitable choice when it comes to choosing from a wide array of options. Using a quiz in this way also counts as a method of qualifying leads.

How Pin Cancer Uses Quizzes To Raise Cancer Awareness (Non-Profit)

Pin Cancer has been “taking down cancer” since 2010. Their mission is to rally the greater US wrestling community to fight against cancer. They created the quiz “Which USA World Team Member Are You?” to raise awareness on cancer and to generate leads.

4Pin Cancer had their best day ever after running a quiz for their campaign. With the help of famous wrestlers tweeting their results, a site that normally sees 200 visits per day, saw as much as 6,000 in a single day. Simultaneously, they brought in 3,800 new email subscribers. Now that’s really giving cancer a run for its money.

Your Takeaway: With the proper marketing and promotion, create a quiz based on raising the awareness of a given subject. You could create a quiz that raises your brand’s awareness, some kind of environmental danger, or the internal biological battles that we face everyday.

How The Foundation Uses A Quiz To Drive Lead Generation (Marketing)

The Foundation is a business that specializes in programs that “builds business backwards” to help entrepreneurs gets started. They created the quiz “Do You Have An Entrepreneurial Mind?” to generate leads and ultimately cut their cost per lead nearly in half.

5The Foundation started off by creating a quiz out of an existing ebook they had which covered the basic types of business owners. They then created an ad campaign behind it that drove over 16,000 leads and millions in revenue. After implementing a quiz with Facebook ads, The Foundation was able to cut their cost per lead from $6 to $3.80!

Your Takeaway: Create a quiz based off of existing content that did extremely well. By repurposing that content into a quiz, you should be able to attract the same kind of audience along with the same kind of success. Consider implementing it with Facebook ads to get an added boost to your promotion.

Let’s Wrap Things Up

Marketers struggle with the idea of testing out various forms of content to see which will produce the most successful results. Quizzes stands among that list of viable content, but no one really has the time to test things out.

Today, we highlighted 5 brands from different industries, to show how they implemented quizzes in their strategy and how well it worked for them. We’ve even included a takeaway for each example, so that you can develop an even more concrete idea when it comes time for you to implement quizzes in your strategy. So use this information to your advantage and consider using quizzes as a form of content whose versatility could work wonders for your brand.

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