Tony Zambito
Account Based Marketing

In this article, Tony Zambito shows us how Account Based Marketing (ABM) is not actuallty new. Rather, it is a rehash of an older form of marketing. It is another installment in our “Great Articles You may have missed” series. What Is Account Based Marketing? Every couple of years, a new acronym or buzzword takes

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Jan Gordon
Curatti Thank You, 2016

Since our launch 3 years ago, Curatti has evolved into a crowd-sourced blog. Was this intended? Probably not! But it’s quite a journey, and one that we lightly guide , but ultimately go along with. In any given week, we will get several inquiries by potential new guest bloggers. There are also no shortage of

Tony Zambito

 In 2016, we will mark the fifteenth year since buyer personas were first introduced.  The journey, however, continues towards professionals and organizations gaining a true understanding of what buyer persona development entails. What is clear is buyer personas are now entering the mainstream of dialogue when it comes to overall customer understanding.  Incorporating Survey Data

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Ron Sela

A new era of B2B content marketing has begun with the advent of account-based marketing. This B2B marketing strategy empowers you with the best possible return on your investment, along with driving enhanced sustainability and profitability over time. Account-based marketing (ABM) is also popularly referred to as key account marketing, where a business identifies and