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May 10, 2021

How To Turn SlideShare Into a Traffic Driving Machine


(This is an update of an older post:) SlideShare is a free tool for converting PowerPoint presentations into Flash. How can this seemingly ordinary service help with driving traffic? Well, actually, it can help greatly in many ways.

We all are looking for the means to increase traffic. It is the primary goal of the majority of sites. And it turns out that a simple presentation can bring lots of people to a website. Let’s take a look at how SlideShare can help you increase your traffic significantly.

Why should you use SlideShare?

Well, the main reason for trying this service is that SlideShare presentations rank well by Google. Keywords and long-tail phrases, as well as phrases built around your product’s name, are listed especially well. For example, have a look at these Google search results for quite a common phrase:

As you see, SlideShare allows getting excellent Google results even for complicated keywords. Another great plus is that it is quite tolerant towards a small amount of PR from users – unlike many other sites, such as Hubpages. It means that you can link to your site or any of its pages and not worry that it will get deleted. Good content along with that is a must, though, if you want actually to get some traffic.

Talking about traffic, SlideShare has a crazy amount of daily traffic. More than 70 million unique visitors each month. Naturally, publishing your content there will increase your audience and gain you some credit. And if you post great presentations regularly, the traffic will only grow.

To create a presentation for SlideShare, you will need PowerPoint Themes or any other similar program. Your task is to think of a cool topic in the context of your business.x

Here are some key points that will allow your SlideShare presentations work for you.

Attract readers using quality design

The SlideShare audience expects to see a presentation of high quality, which it praises with views and likes. Currently, demand is outstripping supply with more than 200 million views per month. This market offers great opportunities to site owners. Even when you are not a designer, you can still create engaging content here that people will like.

If you choose a trending topic connected to your site/business, developing and uploading a nice-looking (and informative!) presentation, you can get hundreds of views right away; even with no additional promotion. No other social platform shows such results for new users.

Base your presentation on a topic you know well

The primary purpose of your presentation is to confirm you as an expert in your sphere. SlideShare allows marketers and business people do so use familiar visual elements.

The idea is to focus on creating content that is valuable to your target audience. You should always expand your horizons, though. Search for the new topics that you can connect to your site and business; it is a good way to broaden your audience and get more traffic to your site.

Create a promotion strategy before publishing your presentation

It‘s not always easy to gain a lot of attention with your new presentations. Before you publish one, make sure you have a strategy. That way, you’ll have more chances of getting on SlideShare’s main page to the “hot on…” category.

Before you click the “publish” button, make sure that other members of your marketing team are ready to use your presentation in their campaigns. Look for all the ways to promote it.

Increase traffic by using the right keywords and phrases

A clever usage of keywords and phrases defines your efficiency on SlideShare. As with every other site, users here look for the information they need. Make sure that their searches are easy, and they find you right away.

The easiest way of optimization is using a keyword in the title of the presentation. Besides that, add your keywords as hashtags and include them in the description of your presentation. In tags, write your keyword first, and then add synonyms to get to the bigger audience. Such actions are also good for Google results.

Your content must rock

The most important thing still is to come up with the content that people would want to share.  It concerns everything in your presentations including pictures, links, and most importantly, written text. You need to come up with a clear content strategy, and you should work hard on it. A good tip is to develop a content strategy like coursework. Remember how hard you worked on those? Work as hard now.

Bear in mind that visual content has to be easy to read and comprehend. If you only turn your blog post into a presentation adding lots of text into every slide, people won’t read it. They want simple yet informative text.

For example, take a look at one of the hot presentations on SlideShare right now. The topic is useful for many people, and the images attract a lot of attention.


Show your presentations everywhere

SlideShare is also very convenient, because the presentations are easy to publish on Twitter or your blog or landing page. Thus, your audience doesn’t have to leave their preferred platforms to check out your content. One presentation can be a part of a big campaign. Promoting it through all of your social channels will bring you the best possible results.

Offer people useful guides

Visual content looks attractive and is always in demand. SlideShare seems to know that perfectly well. People perceive information easier if they see what they need to do. Organizing any information into slides allows readers to remember the information better; they can easily move back and forward if they have any questions. Here is an excellent example of such a presentation.


The majority of marketing specialists and site owners who work with social platforms, focus on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram. SlideShare is often unfairly underestimated. Thanks to the fact that many marketers ignore this platform, the level of competition here is much lower than on other traditional networks. Today, SlideShare is one of the places where you can attract a lot of attention to your content from the very start. Don’t waste this opportunity.

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Lead/Featured image: http://es.slideshare.net/RENA2323/slideshare-16606665

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