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Andy Capaloff
September 22, 2016

Post: Is Influencer Marketing Really So Easy?

Is Influencer Marketing easy?

Influencer Marketing is one of the most popular subjects of the last couple of years. Somehow though, it has morphed away from its original meaning. This article by Bryan Kramer is one of several that explains what it actually is. The article goes into the selection and courting processes, then how to maintain and utilize…

Paolo Fabrizio
September 11, 2016

Post: How To Use Empathy In Social Customer Service


Convincing a reluctant prospect to become your customer or an existing one to remain is not that easy; if you want to have chances to be successful, you have to provide them with great reasons. Actually you need to spur their emotional side with one of the most powerful triggers in customer service — empathy.  Every…

Bryan Kramer
May 17, 2016

Post: Build An Army of Influencers: Here’s How

There comes a time when every marketer faces the challenge of how to build brand credibility. Especially in a marketplace that increasingly uses social media as a way to reach customers. For many businesses, the answer is to build an army of influencers who will provide your product the positive word-of-mouth it needs to stand…

Bryan Kramer
March 20, 2016

Post: 5 Ways to Build a Customer Adventure

The original “Choose Your Own Adventure” book was created by Edward Packard called the “Adventures of You.” Between 1978 and 1998, it was a phenomenon for kids (and adults), because it was the first time the reader was given control over the outcome. With so many options to end the story, the unexpected twists brought…

Bryan Kramer
February 2, 2016

Post: Why You Should Start Investing In Your Personal Brand

Stop and think for a moment. What would you say is the most important thing to ensure career success? Is it your impressive range of product knowledge for your industry? Perhaps it’s your ability to grow your client’s social presence? While those skills are impressive, as a marketer (as in life) there’s really only once…

Bryan Kramer
January 6, 2016

Post: Use These 7 Steps to Build Your Personal Brand

You know the importance of promoting your company to develop a solid base of loyal followers. But how much time and effort do you dedicate to building your personal brand? You do have one. It’s what people associate you with; it’s why your personal and professional network seeks you out for information. And you do…

Susan Gilbert
January 4, 2016

Post: Get Five-Star Reviews On Amazon

If your business is selling products and/or books online then you need to pay attention to customer reviews in order to stand out from the crowd. This is especially true if you’re selling on Amazon, which the world’s largest online retailer. According to a new study featured on Moz, 67 percent of buyers make a…

Bryan Kramer
November 24, 2015

Post: Emotional Intelligence: How Successful Companies Create It

For decades, a lot of emphasis has been placed on understanding an employee’s intelligence quotient (IQ)-referring to that set of cognitive abilities that allows us to acquire knowledge and to solve problems. But in business (as in life) if you only focus on this part of an individual, you are missing one of the major…

Jan Gordon
October 9, 2015

Post: Here are 7 Things You Need to Know Before Humanizing Your Brand

By Bryan Kramer What’s the one thing business owners, their staff and customers have in common? They’re all human. So why is it so hard for some of them to go about humanizing business? Maybe some businesses want to present themselves as purely professional. Maybe some are more focused on keywords, and others may not realize…

Jan Gordon
August 25, 2015

Post: Here’s The Quickest Way to Build Trust and Loyalty

By Bryan Kramer When it comes to calculating brand value, trust is often a dynamic that is considered mostly an afterthought. Trust is an intangible sum difficult to quantify in business balance sheets. And yet, it’s quite possibly one of the most important things to a company’s overall net worth. Why, you ask? Because trust…

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