Albert Qian
December 21, 2013

Your New Years Resolution: An Integrated Marketing Strategy

The social media game has changed, again.zuckerberg-27-150x150

Last week we learned that Facebook engagement rates had fallen tremendously, and that amongst their changes (content included), brands now must pay more in order to have their content exposed to the audience they want.

It’s enough to make your wallet cry.

It’s not a fair world, and truthfully the social media world has never been.  Brand marketers have always been at the mercy of the platforms they use, and are thus subject to any changes those platforms make. While one could write petitions, call Facebook headquarters (good luck with that one), or delete our Facebook pages, it’s not a very efficient process and only serves as self-torture.

With this in mind then, we approach 2014 worn, but not down. In the process of making your New Years Resolutions, make one for your business as well: Become an integrated marketing strategist, instead of simply social media. Social media may not be dying out any time soon, but the need to pick up new skills is more important than ever. So with that in mind, what’s on the menu for 2014?

  1. Email Marketing: Email marketing might by dying out among teens but for the rest of us it still carries a great deal of relevance. 44% of email users make a purchase once a year based on a promotional email and $44.25 is the average return on email investment (  With these numbers in mind it would be foolish not to get in on the action. Check out MailChimp or Constant Contact to see what an email marketing strategy can do for you.
  2. Use all the social networks: Some businesses I notice use Facebook as their main website. With engagement being at an all-time low it’s time to diversify. Figure out how Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ and other social networks in your industry fit in to your marketing needs, and use them to spread your message as well. Take a look at HootSuite and other content platform tools.
  3. Spruce up your own website: With these changes now in full force, it’s time to re-create your website. After all, you are the only one who can control that. I’ve noticed some restaurants sticking to Facebook only, and that as much is detrimental. Don’t have one? Check out what vendors like WordPress, Squarespace, and others have to offer.
  4. Pick up social analytics: Beyond social networks, analytics is worth a look. If you work in the marketing department of a B2B outfit, you likely have access and/or funds to big-time tools like Radian 6, Sprinklr, Sysomos, and the like. Integrate those into your activities, or find a way to learn them and it will set you far ahead of the game. It’s easy to create, harder to sell, and even harder to measure impact and take that impact to the next level.
  5. Learn how to code: Social media walks between a fine line of programming and communication. With the world at a shortage of programmers now is the perfect time to get in. Check out sites like CodeAcademy for lessons on everything from JavaScript to Python and beyond. Who knows — you could code your own social media site with the right amount of inspiration!

So with that in mind, 2014 stands to be a busy — but rewarding year for marketers all around. Facebook’s change does not have to be your loss, and can be a resolution that takes your business to the next level.

Image Credit: BusinessInsider