Paolo Fabrizio
January 5, 2022

How Do You Hire Your Customer Service Team? [Video]

Did Your Hire The Right People For Your Customer Service Team?

Choosing the right people for your customer service team is vital. This is more true than ever, as the volume of digital conversations has soared in the last two years. Nevertheless, when it comes to hiring people, internally or externally, accuracy is often being underestimated; especially its direct impact on overall customer experiences. Therefore, once you’ve set your customer service team, what are the main pet peeves?

Support Agents May Be Stressed Out But…

As a consultant and trainer, I’ve been working with many customer service managers and front-line teams from different organizations, industries, and countries. Regardless of the size of the support team, I can quickly understand how much they are motivated and if they feel fit for their support role. I fully understand that dealing with customers on a daily basis is challenging and demanding, so it’s absolutely normal every now and then for them to feel a bit drained. However, when I hear people having a constantly negative or passive approach to their daily routine, there’s an ongoing issue to be fixed. Some examples:

  • ‘Customers don’t understand that / they should have understood…’
  • ‘It’s not working this way / it’s not going to work anyway…’
  • ‘They [another department] don’t help us when we need it.’

All the above show that something’s going wrong since those who are disaffected never go beyond their ‘answering role’.

Sentenced To Customer Support?

Before coming to easy and wrong conclusions, let me be outspoken. People constantly having a negative approach may be tired of working as customer support agents and/or they always been tired because they actually didn’t choose it! The latter option is the worst because it implies that part of a customer service team is formed by people being ‘condemned’ to a support role, having been discarded by other departments. In fact, despite what you may read on LinkedIn where it’s all rainbows and butterflies, such a bad approach is still present today. I invite you to prevent that by providing you with hiring tips in this short video.

Enjoy it and please let me know your feedback below!

Over To You

How are you hiring your customer service team? Did you get them up-skilled to master conversational support over social media, live / video chat, or messaging?

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