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August 17, 2017

Facebook Influencer Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

Facebook Influencer Marketing

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Facebook Influencer Marketing

One of the first questions that come to mind when you plan an influencer marketing campaign is which platform you’re going to use. You know you want to use social media channels for your campaign. But you’re not sure which of them will deliver the best results.

If you’re still thinking about it, maybe you should consider Facebook influencer marketing and/or Instagram influencer marketing. Facebook and Instagram are the top choices when it comes to social media influencer marketing.

Each of them has their unique benefits. But in this post, you’re going to learn all about Facebook influencer marketing. You will find out how why Facebook is such a great choice, how you can find influencers for the platform, and how to execute your campaign.

Why Facebook?

Facebook is an excellent platform for executing your influencer marketing campaign for several reasons. Here are some of the best ones:

1. Popularity

Facebook continues to be the most popular social media channel, according to the Pew Research Center. And Statista reports that the platform has 1.94 billion active users on a monthly basis.

This makes it the most widely-used social media channel with a high chance of finding your target audience here.With such a massive user base, Facebook gives you the opportunity to reach a bigger audience for your influencer marketing campaign.

2. Engagement

In addition to being highly popular, Facebook also attracts an engaged audience. Out of the almost 2 billion users, at least 1.25 billion of them log into the platform every day, according to another Statista study. And a Mediakix study found that each user spends around 35 minutes of their day on the platform, just five minutes shorter than YouTube.

3. Influencer Preference

So Facebook influencer marketing allows you to reach a huge and engaged audience. But that’s not the only reason why you should consider a Facebook influencer marketing campaign. According to a Bloglovin study, Facebook is the second most preferred platform among influencers themselves. They consider it to be almost as effective as Instagram in executing an influencer marketing campaign.

These are some of the top reasons why Facebook influencer marketing is such an excellent choice for your brand. So you can see that not only will you reach a massive audience through the platform, these consumers would be highly engaged. And then you’ll also be executing the campaign in a platform preferred by influencers.

How to Find Facebook Influencers

Now that you understand the benefits of Facebook influencer marketing, it’s time you find influencers to work with on your campaign. But finding influencers on Facebook is a little more challenging than on other platforms because of the content restrictions and privacy laws.

Try using these tips to make your search easier and find ideal Facebook influencers to work with:

1. Keyword Research on Facebook

If you’re conducting your search using the Facebook platform, you should ideally look for pages and not individual accounts. This is because for your campaign to have the optimum impact, everyone should be able to access the influencer’s content easily. And the privacy settings for individual accounts can make that challenging.

To find influencers for Facebook influencer marketing, you need to choose relevant keywords related to your brand, product, or industry. For example, if you want to promote your product through influential social media parents, you can choose keywords like “parenting,” “parent,” “mother,” etc.

But as you can see in the screenshot below, the search results for parenting pages will not show a lot of influential individuals at the top. While some brands still choose to work with these influential pages, you may want a more humanized, person-to-person impact.

If this is the case, you can further filter the results by selecting the “artist, band or public figure” category. Once you do this, you’ll get more accurate results for parenting guide authors and experts at parenting.

2. Using HYPR

Manual research for influencers on Facebook can be time-consuming. But it’s necessary if you have budget limitations and can’t invest in a tool. However, if you can afford to invest some money in effective influencer marketing tools, HYPR is an excellent option.

The good thing about HYPR is that it won’t just track the stats of an influencer on Twitter. It will also pull up the influencer’s data from other social media channels including Facebook. So you can easily find relevant Facebook users with significant influence on the platform.

As you can see in the screenshot below, HYPR will show you the number of followers the influencer has on Facebook. And it will also show the number of likes, comments, and shares they get on the platform.

The tool also gives you a breakdown of demographics of the influencer’s audience base. This makes it even simpler for you to find influencers according to your target audience.

3. Insightpool

Insightpool is another useful tool for finding influencers across all social media platforms. Through this platform, you can not only find Facebook influencers but also get a complete insight into their social media activity. This will help you further filter out influencers based on the type of content they create/share.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the tool displays all the topics in which the influencer specializes. And you will also be able to see the history of brands she’s worked with and how she helped execute the campaigns.

These are some of the best ways to find influencers for your Facebook influencer marketing campaign. If you find influencer research a hassle, you can also work with influencer marketing agencies. These agencies will put you in touch with some of the best and most relevant influencers for your brand. They will do the research and communication work for you to successfully execute your campaign.

Ideas for Facebook Influencer Marketing

You know the importance of launching a Facebook influencer marketing campaign. And you also know how to find the influencers to work with. Now let’s take a look at some of the best tactics for launching a Facebook influencer marketing campaign.

1. Sharing Experiences through Facebook Live

You might have heard that Facebook videos are an engaging form of content. But what’s even more engaging is the platform’s live video. Facebook even reports that their users spend three times longer watching these live video feeds than they do watching regular videos.

So if you want to engage your target audience through Facebook influencers, get your influencers to go Live.

Through Facebook Live, influencers can share their experience with your brand or product. They could broadcast themselves using your product or trying it out for the first time. They could broadcast a Live video of their experience visiting your store or even an event that you’ve hosted. There are endless opportunities to use Facebook Live in your Facebook influencer marketing campaign.

An excellent example is how the Best Fiends video game developers partnered with influential figures like Laura Clery, who has more than 3 million Facebook fans. Laura engaged with her fans through live stream and demonstrated how to play the game.

But she and her husband also followed her usual storyline by playing their usual characters from her other videos – Pamela and Roger. They managed to keep things fun and interesting while still promoting the video game.

The video has received 9000 comments and 8,300 reactions till date. It has also been shared more than 800 times. This shows that the influencer was able to efficiently engage a significant amount of people through the Facebook Live video.

2. Cross-Promoting Campaign from Other Platforms

Even if you are already finding success with influencer marketing on other platforms, Facebook gives you the opportunity to further improve the performance of your campaign. For example, maybe you’re already running a campaign in which influencers create a blog post about your products. You can get them to promote the content through Facebook as well to gain optimum reach.

This is how the influencers for Minnie & Maxxie ensured better results for the brand’s brand awareness campaign. Scrunch conducted a case study and found that cross-promoting the campaign on various platforms resulted in high levels of engagement and exposure.

The brand had provided a select few fashion and style influencers with exclusive access to their products. These influencers helped raise awareness for the new line of products through Instagram. But to get optimized reach and engagement they also cross promoted the content through Facebook. Here’s an example of a post by twin bloggers, Nicole and Danielle of When Words Fail.

The brand worked with 19 influencers, each of whom shared photos of the brand’s products with their social media followers on Instagram and Facebook. The campaign saw almost 18,500 direct engagements with the influencer content. By using Facebook, the campaign was able to expand their reach to 333,445.

3. Standing Up for a Cause

Cause marketing has been among the favorite marketing tools for brands for a good reason. A brand standing up for a cause is an effective way to humanize your brand. It’s a way to show your audience that you care about certain issues – whether it’s social, political, or environmental. Putting influencer into the mix further enhances the effectiveness of your cause marketing campaign.

So when you’re planning to execute a Facebook influencer marketing campaign, try to get them to promote a cause you support. For Joseph Gordon-Levitt, it was easier to execute an influencer cause marketing campaign for his company, Hit Record, because he could play the role of an influencer.

Hit Record partnered with Find Your Park, a cause that promotes the conservation of America’s national parks. Hit Record helped the cause by designing branded merchandise. Joseph Gordon-Levitt then promoted the products through his Facebook page. By doing this, he’s helping promote the cause while establishing his company as one that supports the cause.


4. Promoting Giveaway Contests

Facebook is also an excellent channel for promoting your giveaway contest through influencers. Your Facebook influencer marketing campaign may revolve around raising awareness for your brand and boosting brand engagement. In this case, you can come up with a contest, which the influencer can host on their blog or you can host on your website.

The influencers will then promote the contest on Facebook by sharing a link to the page. Giveaway contests work well in engaging a new audience because there’s something in it for them. They would gladly engage with your brand if there’s a chance that they’ll get something beneficial out of it.

Ziera Footwear nails this tactic by combining it with cause marketing for their Unstoppable Women campaign. The brand ran a giveaway campaign through relevant fashion influencers like Katherine Saab of Stylendipity. The blogger hosted the contest on her blog and then promoted it through her Facebook page.


5. Telling Stories Using Videos

Video content consumption is increasing on Facebook, which makes videos perfect for telling your brad story through influencers. TechCrunch reported in 2015 than Facebook users watch an average of 8 million videos in a day. And Recode also reports that people watch 100 million hours of Facebook video every day.

This makes it clear that video content is crucial for engaging Facebook users. The Viral Nation case study of a Crayola influencer marketing campaign is an excellent example. The goal of the campaign was to build buzz before the launch of the new Crayola Air Marker Sprayer.

Crayola worked with social media influencers to tell unique stories using videos. While some influencers created videos explaining what they can use the product for, others put a comical twist to the content. Your Everyday Canadian, for example, created a funny video in which he uses the sprayer to make money for pizza.


This video has been viewed 577,000 times, and has received almost 800 reactions. And the campaign generated a total of 4 million engagements with 7.1 million impressions.


These are some of the best ways to work with influencers for a Facebook influencer marketing campaign. You know how to find the best influencers to work with, and how the campaign can benefit you.

Now you just have to start drawing up a plan for launching a successful Facebook influencer marketing campaign.

If you have any experience of Facebook Influencer Marketing from either side of the equation, please share your thoughts below. If the above has got your creative juices flowing but you have more questions, feel free to ask,


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