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June 23, 2016

To Gain Customers Trust, Get To Know Their Personality

Trust is a key world in the world of business and marketing. It lies in the foundation of any successful business relationship. Earning customer trust is one of the central goals of many companies and individual entrepreneurs.

Of course, as much trust is central to establishing a successful business, knowing your customers is equally important. Marketing evolves around the needs of customers (and potential customers), so it is very important for business owners to have a correct assessment of their customers’ personality.

No business can become successful without a proper knowledge of customer base. A good example of the power of customer personality are constantly changing trends in modern communication. Social media and business marketing companies, as well as individual business owners, all base their business strategies based on their customer preferences.

Naturally, one cannot predict customer preferences without prior knowledge and assessment of personality.

In the following lines, we will provide some tips on how to earn customer trust by using the knowledge of human personality.

Personalize Your Business

People value when you talk directly to them and they are more likely to become customers if you give them something they can relate to. Orientate your marketing campaign so that it communicates with customers in a personal and direct manner. Try to avoid generalizations and follow popular trends.

Customer Experience

Consider using stories about people in your marketing strategy. By this we mean personal stories – satisfied customers talking about the product/service you wish to advertise in an affirmative manner, good quality content. In addition, go even further by emphasizing the role that given product/service is playing in the lives of your customers. Provide examples on how your business product has improved the lives of your customers.

Testimonials are a sure way to build trust with your customers and relate to them on a personal level.

You can also develop a targeted marketing campaign which will encourage customers to talk about their preferences.

Show a ‘You Matter’ Attitude

Your success can depend on your ability to persuade customers to believe that everything you do revolves around them and their satisfaction. This builds a trusting relationship between you and the customer.

Let Customer Take Control

Social media are dominating today’s world of communication because they let people express themselves in previously unimagined ways. Social media are also becoming more prominent as a marketing tool.

You can learn on their example and let customer take control. Integrate customers with your business by giving them a chance to participate in it. Create interesting surveys, videos and stories. By getting your customers to interact, you obtain a valuable advantage for your business.

Promotion Campaigns

Promote your business and get closer to customers at the same time by conducting promotion campaigns. Be creative. In line with the tip above, remember to include customers in promotion campaign. Let them talk about their experience. This can be one of the best ways of promotion: customers speaking in favor of the product/service themselves.

People tend to trust other people and their feedback.


If you are a professional blogger, small business owner or individual entrepreneur, consider enabling comments feature on your blog/web presentation. Comments attract other comments. Generating interest is always welcome for your marketing strategy and comments can help you with this. More comments you have, more popular your business is. Needless to say, the number of comments also tells much about your visibility on the internet.

The Power of Brands

People love brands. Maybe due to the fact they can easily relate to a brand. Sometimes, a popular brand does not even need much promotion and marketing because of sheer power of its name. Nevertheless, world’s most powerful and well-known brands, such as Coca-Cola, FedEx, Amazon and eBay still pay significant attention to personalized, customers orientated marketing campaigns.

Remember the popular ‘Is Your Name on a Coke Bottle’ campaign by Coca Cola. This is a good example of customer focused marketing strategy.

Similarly, you can find a creative way to promote your product/service by learning from established brands.

Use Social Media

We’ve already mentioned the immense power social media have today in shaping the way people are communicating. You can use the power of social media to your advantage. Conduct some research about your customers through social media. More importantly, establish your presence on most popular social media and interact with your customers.

Types of Personality

Knowing how to differentiate between various types of customer personality can be extremely advantageous for your marketing efforts.

Despite the fact there are numerous personality types, we generally divide buyers into four distinct types:

Analytical Type (also called Thinkers)

This buyer’s type will consider all aspects of product/service before taking action. As the title implies, they are analytical and will, pay special attention to facts and details. Such customers are perhaps the hardest to win.  With this type, it is always good to put forward stats, numbers and a proof of client satisfaction.

Driver Type

They are highly practical and like to see real results. Since they are action-orientated and fast-paced, you will need a strong and quick strategy to win them over. First impression is the most important one.

Idealist Type (also called Expressives)

An imaginative, creative type, they like to express themselves and reach decision based on their intuition. You will need something creative and original to fascinate them, simple numbers and facts will not suffice.

Diplomatic Type (also called Feelers)

A friendly, amiable type. They are not quick to act and will usually follow the example of others. You can win them over with personal stories and testimonies.


Personality represents a powerful part of business interaction between the marketer and customer. As demonstrated above, different personality types require different approach. Get to know your customer by conducting surveys, posting testimonials and encouraging them to take participate in quizzes or fun personality tests. The more information you collect, the more benefit you have. It will not only help you personalize your business, it will also result in building a long lasting relationship based on trust.


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