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Elaina Meiser
July 20, 2016

Why Small Businesses Need Mobile Apps

Small businesses should make efforts to be aware of developing trends that can affect their success. The use of mobile internet continues to grow due to the rapid spread of smartphones and mobile apps. All businesses have been affected by this changing digital trend, and small businesses should look for ways to benefit from it.

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Susan Gilbert
January 6, 2015

How Would Your Customers Grade Your Business?

Are you getting the right responses from your customers? If the answer is no, maybe this is a good time to take a look at the conversions from your leads, and ask yourself, “How would my customers like to see me do better for them?” While building a list of subscribers is important, it is

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Jan Gordon
July 20, 2014

This article is republished here by permission of Lee Traupel   It’s a noisy world, your marketing resources and headcount are limited and in some case, you’re still defining who your customers are. How Marketing is being Redefined in Real Time 50% or more of your customer engagement will be on smartphones in next 12

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Greg Hickman
March 19, 2014

8 Surefire Tips To Help You Plan Your Mobile Strategy

We sent Greg Hickman of Mobile Mixed your questions regarding Mobile.  These are his answers.   Why is mobile more important now than ever for B2B? It really doesn’t matter if you’re B2B or B2C, mobile has impacted the way we as consumers communicate and do business. We all use our mobile devices for many

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