Adeel Sami
April 27, 2017

Want To Be a Blogging Champion? Don’t Give Up!

The blogging champion

How does it sound, being called the Blogging Champion?

Fantastic? Excellent? Dangerously happy?

Awesome, isn’t it, being called ‘the blogging champion’?

Winning something extraordinary in a sport sound so awesome as you’re the first from the competition. The champion.

What makes the blogging champion

Well, it starts with continuous blogging.

You’re writing for a long time without ever stopping.

Ultimately the result of your continuous blogging will land you to snatch a place amongst the top 100 or even top 10 bloggers in the world.

That’s what will make you blogging champion!

But wait…

It is never easy.

I said “a long time“, right?

That long time could consist of months and even years of consistent dedication to your blogging journey.

Without losing the sight of blogging from your every day’s plans, it will definitely lead you to that mark.

Yes, competition is so high and bloggers who have been in the business a long time have built trust and brand equity. And it is HARD lto beat that type of competition!

Hard enough that you’ll be likely to feel like giving up.

And that’s the time to saddle up for the long haul AND turn away from giving up… EVER!

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‘Giving up’ is only for LOSERS

Losers have the mindset of ‘giving up‘.

They give up during the planning phase because they find the hardships of blogging so great that they don’t even get as far as taking the first action.

They are the solid losers who fear of the competition. Fear of the hard work.

But those who take actions are those who win.

And winning is equal to being a champion.

Blogging is not about being in the first spot. The theory of ‘champion‘ here is somewhat very different from the norm.

If you take the action in blogging, you’re already the ‘blogging champion’.

As long as you keep going, you’re the champion of blogging.

Just don’t stop… EVER! And avoid being in the circle of losers.

You’re known in the world of blogging by being seen and not by only thinking.

The more you keep yourself stuck in your thoughts, you’re only wasting the time.

And you’re not here to be called as a loser.

Your turn now!

Are you the blogging champion?

I want you to be one! 🙂

Curatti Note

We’ve known and loved Adeel for a long time, so are happy to welcome him into the Curatti family. He has built up the trust and love of his community. He walks his walk!

If you have any tips for would-be bloggers on how to persevere and how to win, please leave your comments below.


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