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October 19, 2017

Blogging: Solving ‘Why’ Before Tackling ‘How’

Blogging: Solving 'Why' Before Tackling 'How'

Editor’s note: Do you know our friend Adeel? He calls himself a not-so-regular blogger. And this is a not-so-regular blog article! Do you know WHY you are blogging or just HOW you blog? Are you putting the answer before the question? The article is written in a truly unique style and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Why Do You Blog?


I’m out of words.

Or better to say, I have no idea what to do and HOW to do it.

But I still need to do it. And I thought to write about the WHY part.

The HOW to “WHY” part of the blogging.

Why blog?

Or why not blog?

Why do you really need to blog?

It is important to know the WHY part first. You can only then tackle the HOW part.

But we are often and easily attracted to the HOW part first then the WHY part?


Because when one is new and seeing a successful blogger in terms of money or fame, the thought strikes them to learn “how to blog for money.”

Or “how to blog” or “how to become a successful blogger.”

But at that point we still lack;

  • The reason to blog? >> WHY part.
  • Why should I start a blog? >> WHY part.
  • … and so much more to be added into the WHY part of the blogging.

The feel of “HOW” triggers instantly (if so) by seeing at the luxuries; fame, money, impact, etc.

But the real feel of “WHY” triggers instantly when you’re serious about anything. You want to be prepared first before you get started.

Strategize your work before even starting.

Take it as an example.

Car key

Let’s suppose you have a car (hopefully, you do have one.)

What you’ll do?

Will you just sit at the driver’s seat and start the car?

But why? Why would you start the car?

Oh, wait…

Are you going somewhere? But why are you going somewhere?

What’s the reason for your travel (see WHY part)?

Yes, that’s the WHY thing. “Why do you need to start the car?”


  • You have a reason.
  • You have a motive in your hand.
  • And you have a goal to accomplish with your travel.
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So, you don’t want to learn the HOW. We get that. But you’ve got to learn and understand the WHY first.

The WHY part

As you know, it’s not entirely possible to do anything without at least one reason.

Even in the events of committing the bad things, bad mistakes; there’s the reason for not learning and not improving (let’s suppose.)

Do you want to take a vacation? The WHY part of that is surely that you feel the need to relax. So, it’s the WHY that comes first and not HOW.

My input

I am not a saint. My words should not be treated as facts. But it is all my personal observation and thoughts which I present via punching my keyboard.

Your turn… exactly

So, what’s your WHY of what you do? 🙂

Please share it in your comment as I really need to do what’s your WHY thing.

Good luck!

And happy WHY blogging to make it a success for you!


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