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June 14, 2018

6 Essential Ingredients of a Successful Blog Post

Ingredients of a Successful Blog Post

If you were expecting your family over for dinner, and you decided to prepare your specialty (yes, that delicious creme brûlée everyone loves), you’d first go over the checklist of ingredients to make sure you have everything you need.

Well, the same principle applies when writing your blog. That is – if you want it to break the internet in the best possible way.

Here are six critical elements you want to include in your blog posts:

Captivating Headlines

A blog headline is similar to an elevator pitch to your potential investors. The idea is not to give it all out immediately but be intriguing yet concrete enough to make them want to come for more. So, your blog title needs to be spicy, magnetic and informative to let the reader know what the article is about. Use your blog headline to pull people in.

NOTE: It is not unusual for fantastic content to die unnoticed when headlines are too dull to capture eyeballs. That said, you need to jazz up your headline and intrigue the readers to click.

Compelling Lead

The lead of your blog (the first few sentences) must be compelling enough to prompt the visitors to read the rest of your post. Get to the point as soon as possible and make sure there’s enough smart information (avoid fluff, please!) for the readers to want to engage with your piece and the ideas you are communicating.

Practical & Useful Subheadings

Subheadings are the perfect way to give your blog a visual upgrade. At the same time, they will serve a beneficial purpose. They help readers scan through the blog quicker and have a more transparent presentation of what the article is about. When divided into visually appealing points and paragraphs, the reader will easily navigate to sections that are of Interest to them. Plus, subheads are great for the SEO.

Engaging & Informative Body

The body of your blog is the “creme” of your brûlée. Depending on your niche, your article body can be about virtually anything – from funny stories to eye-opening business techniques and observations. The important thing is that it gets your message across in a manner that people want to read. The body matters to you, the communicator of your ideas; and your target audience, the people who’ll want to read your blog. Before starting to write the blog, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my goal with this article?
  • Who am I targeting?
  • Will I want to stick to this niche in the future?

Appealing Graphics

Including graphics in your blog post is important for many reasons:

  • Graphics help break up the text and make it easier to read
  • The content is more visually pleasing with graphics
  • Well chosen graphics help illustrate your blog content point

Powerful Call-to-Action

No blog article should be left without a conclusion (your point summed up), nor without a powerful CTA. The best approach to deciding on your CTA is to think about the action you want to communicate. For some, it could be reminding the readers to subscribe to their blog or read another article on their site. For the others, it could be encouraging them to check out a service or product offered on the page. It prompts them to contact you for more information about something particular on the page. Define your CTA and make it shine!

In Closing

In building your online presence, remember: “good blog posts have long life spans.” So do your best to work the advice above into your content strategy for the best possible outcome. However, if you need professionals to help you out with your blog, contact us at Curatti. We’ll help your blog grow!


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