Michael Spicer
January 10, 2019

10 Marketing Lessons from Apple [Infographic]

Marketing Lessons from Apple

You don’t need to be an SEO expert to know that Apple’s marketing works like a charm. Founded on simplicity and brought to perfection by an ingenious approach to customer experience, the tech giant’s marketing strategy is a goal sought by many.

Have you ever wondered why you can never find any information on where to buy the product in Apple’s ads? That’s because the cornerstone of Apple’s advertising campaigns is simplicity. Sleek and simple graphics, minimalist design, and unobtrusive background music are the main ingredients of Apple’s approach to marketing. As one of the world’s biggest companies, Apple knows that by letting the products speak for themselves, they will stand out among thousands of over-the-top ads vying for customers’ attention.

Using product placement in a clever way is another marketing strategy that Apple knows all about. Virtually every high-profile influencer on social media has collaborated with Apple at one point. In this way, Apple has been able to generate leads simply by having a social media star show one of their products in the background of photos or video.

Another vital part of Apple’s marketing strategy is that they never get involved in price wars with their competitors.

Apple often gets criticised for what many believe to be overpriced products, but the company has stuck to their pricing through thick and thin. The reason why this seemingly counterproductive strategy actually works wonders is that Apple has chosen to focus on touting their unique value proposition. This is why each time Apple comes out with a new device, they make sure the customer feels like they’re paying for a product that’s in a league of its own – no matter what the price tag reads.

Finally, consistency across all marketing channels is what makes Apple’s campaigns so widely successful. Apple’s ads are characterised by an effortlessly unified look and feel, which helps to show customers that the company can be counted on to deliver what they stand for.

These are just some of the valuable marketing lessons you can learn from Apple. To find out more, don’t miss the comprehensive infographic below by The Website Group.

Over To You

Is there a company whose lessons you feel people can learn from? Any great marketing lessons from a major company that you feel could be adapted to the small budgets of SMBs?


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