Piyush Mangukiya

50 Must Have Small Business Website Design Features

Mobile Responsive Website Design Features

This Infographic on Small Business Website Design features was offered to us by 99MediaLab. The idea was that we might curate around it. But when we saw the amazing work already done by author Piyush Mangukiya, we decided it was too good not to present as is. It is another installment in our “Great Articles You…

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Ivan Temelkov

The 10 Hottest Digital Marketing Trends

38522914 - marketing growth strategy ideas eletronic device working concept

The marketing industry continues to thrive. Changing human trends and patterns in purchasing behavior are causing a shift in digital marketing trends. Some are perhaps not so new, although many are solidifying their place within the marketing mix. Consumers are absorbing information on the internet through an omni-channel approach. Companies should clearly understand the importance…

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Martin (Marty) Smith

What Is A MacGuffin & Why Web Design Needs To Include Them

MacGuffin Thumbnail Hitchcock

Film MacGuffins I’ve been fascinated with the idea of MacGuffins and how the idea translates to websites. Here is an explanations of a film MacGuffin, an idea created by Alfred Hitchcock: One of the most oft-used and well known plot devices in Hollywood movies is the “MacGuffin,” the object that drives the story forward and…

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Martin (Marty) Smith

Internet Marketing 2014 Trends Mashup

2014 Internet Marketing Trends graphic via Curatti

Can marketing change more or faster? Most Internet marketers would answer a firm NO. The minute we offer a firm anything today’s pace makes yesterday’s feel slow. The web only knows one time – NOW. Internet marketing only operates at one speed – FASTER. Inside of those two firm truths this is enough play to…