Adeel Sami

Blogging: Solving ‘Why’ Before Tackling ‘How’

Blogging: Solving 'Why' Before Tackling 'How'

Editor’s note: Do you know our friend Adeel? He calls himself a not-so-regular blogger. And this is a not-so-regular blog article! Do you know WHY you are blogging or just HOW you blog? Are you putting the answer before the question? The article is written in a truly unique style and we hope you enjoy…

Paolo Fabrizio

What Happens If You Leave The ‘Why’ In Customer’s Hands

Don't Leave The 'Why' In Your Customer's Hands

“Why” is a word that tends to arise in most of our conversations, regardless the topic we’re discussing. It’s so important that¬†Simon Sinek wrote a whole,¬†wonderful book about it that I suggest you to read. When it comes to customer service, if you leave the whys in customer’s hands you’ll have then to deal with…