Susan Gilbert

Use Email Segmentation to Improve Your Business Communication

Email Segmentation

Are you getting a strong ROI from your current email marketing strategy? You might be missing out on valuable prospects if you are not sending your messages to an interested list of subscribers captured from your website or through your social media campaigns. According to Hubspot, email is still a preferred way for 73 percent…

Paul Shuteyev
It's Time To Retire Bulk Email in favor of Outreach Campaigns

Email marketing is pronounced dead every year. But the truth is, it’s the main direct marketing channel for most businesses, digital or offline And according to reports and experts, it is still the leading channel for ROI. It hasn’t lost its efficiency. But the game has changed, as did email marketing methods. This means that…

Ivan Temelkov

The 10 Hottest Digital Marketing Trends

The marketing industry continues to thrive. Changing human trends and patterns in purchasing behavior are causing a shift in digital marketing trends. Some are perhaps not so new, although many are solidifying their place within the marketing mix. Consumers are absorbing information on the internet through an omni-channel approach. Companies should clearly understand the importance…

Jan Gordon

How To Gain Deep Insights Into Customer Buying Behavior

By Tony Zambito The digital economy continues to evolve at a fast clip.  New technologies are being introduced nearly every month.   Startups are ascending while long tenured organizations suddenly find themselves on shaky grounds.  New services and product introductions are falling flat.   Making the pursuit of understanding why customers are buying or not buying most…