Daniel Newman

When Does Personalization Cross The Line From Fuzzy To Creepy?

Personalization: How Much Is Too Much?

We all like to feel that we are personally being addressed in marketing efforts aimed at us, right? But at what point does personalization cross the line and simply go too far? Daniel Newman delves into the subject. It is another article in our “Great Articles You may have missed” series….. Personalization: How Much Is…

Albert Qian

The Day Privacy Died

Curatti Social Media Recap #4 We’re in the final quarter of 2014, which means there are less than 90 days until the New Year and the celebration of a new year on its way. 2014 has been yet another banner year for social media, digital marketing, and the era of curation as the companies surrounding…

Albert Qian

Ello, the Social Network that Adds to the Chaos

Social media marketers and social media consumers are exposed to a littany of new products on a weekly basis. It seems that every time one blinks, a new social app is on the radar making its rounds, claiming everything from greater privacy to more personalization to being a disruptor of Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. We…