Paolo Fabrizio

Exceptional Social Customer Service is a Differentiator

Most companies have a multi-channel online presence, with their websites, blogs and social networks. But that’s not enough! In 2015 the online arena has become so crowded, that brands must have an effective online strategy to be successful. They have to be: Properly positioned –> SEO-optimized in order to reach your target audience. Noticed –> conveying a unique and…

Artem Welker

When Content Curation is a Disease, but Not a Cure

Content Curation

In the world where everybody shares something without any added value, we face information pollution, not evolution (C) Artem Welker It arose as a cure, which could help us not to drown in the Information Ocean. But then it turned to a disease which fuels this ocean, where 27M pieces of content are shared every…

Daniel Newman

Omni-Channel Marketing: Revolutionizing the Buyer’s Journey

  With the rapid growth of digital consumption and what seems like daily proliferation of social media channels, marketers are faced with more choices than ever when considering how they want to reach the consumer. With each choice comes a certain amount of risk as marketers choosing to put a heavy investment in one channel…

Martin (Marty) Smith

Red Bull’s Branding Lessons: We Are All Media Companies Now

Reb Bull Branding on Curatti image

BANG Branding Changed Figuring out why branding changed is moot. Understanding HOW branding has changed is important. Brands used to create aspirations for customers as this 1958 Tide commercial demonstrates: Flash forward to this video from Red Bull TV: What happened? A: The web, Smart Phones, We Changed, Branding Changed. There isn’t ONE thing moving…