Andy Capaloff

Viewing Customer Experience With Consumers Eyes

Customer Experience

It’s time for us all to switch hats and look at our entire businesses from the point of view of a customer. Ideally, all companies would do this. But while many have become too large, or perhaps just turned into dinosaurs, and couldn’t change quickly if their existence depended on it, you and I don’t…

Ivan Temelkov

5 Things Your Business Should Know About Human Marketing

Human marketing is without a doubt the future of modern business. In a previous post I talked about the importance of human marketing in business. In today’s digital age, the average consumer is a lot more informed, tech-savvy and intelligent than ever before. Most consumers, and quite possibly your customers, absorb about five pieces of content…

Ivan Temelkov

The Importance of Human Marketing In Business

As a consumer, you certainly appreciate the human touch. Naturally every human being appreciates the sense of acknowledgement. It also shows a level of appreciation. In the earlier days of marketing, consumers were dominated by a brand’s equity. Your options were limited due to the confinements that major brands would place upon you. Those days…

Jan Gordon

9 Characteristics Of Human Marketing

By Robert Caruso There are a few highly important things that separate big brand social media marketing from everyone else, and that is the human component. Big brands are able to focus their social media marketing on their brand, branding and advertising components that are centered around the company’s image and other major media advertising…