Anna Fox

How to Use Video Content Marketing to Promote a Non-Profit

Video Content Marketing For Non-Profits

Video marketing has been fast evolving over a decade lately, and it’s still going ever stronger. Whether you are operating a non-profit (or volunteering to help one which is always a good idea), here are a few tips to use video marketing. First things first: The Power of Video Content If we want to really…

Jenn Herman
Instagram Business Profile

One of the latest updates Instagram has provided is the ability to upgrade your account to a business profile. Before I show you how to convert your account to a business profile on Instagram, I first want to talk to you about why you should. Because this is something that a lot of people wonder…

Norman Arvidsson

7 Inspiring Tips about Visual Content Marketing

To achieve the goals of visual content marketing, a high-quality strategy is a must in today’s world. However, it’s also very important to consider the distribution of this marketing plan. It needs to reach out the appropriate audience to receive the best results. For social media, it has evolved into more of the content being…

Martin (Marty) Smith

Crowdfunding Million Dollar Balloons, Majestic SEO & Curagami

Bag O Balloons Kickstarter Project image & link

A Kickstarter How To… Will Bag O Balloons Reach $1,000,000 in Kickstarter Support? I shared Ethan Mollick’s Dynamics of Crowdfunding Kickstarter study with Allison Phalen from the Charlotte based Command Partners tonight. Not much Mollick can teach Command Partners based on Bunch O Balloons. Bunch O Balloons is an ingenious idea. Fill up 100 water balloons…

Martin (Marty) Smith

5 Easy Steps To EPIC Content Marketing

5 Easy Steps To EPIC Content Marketig Cover on Curatti

Content Marketing In Chaos The good news is everyone believes in content marketing. Bad news is everyone believes in content marketing. Bad news because when marketers pile on quality goes down, noise goes up and getting your message heard is harder. If you are a late convert to content marketing you may be able to…