Susan Gilbert

Target Your Fans With Facebook Audience Optimization

Has your business experienced a decrease in Fan activity on your Facebook page? This is in large part due to their algorithm changes, which can prevent posts from being seen in the News Feeds. A new feature released by Facebook aims to help Page owners better target their Fans and attract organic results. Facebook Audience…

Anders Orsander

Do you connect with Pages or People?

Think of a post from a Facebook Page and think about why you interacted with it. I was given this task in preparation for a social media workshop. Looking through my profile I realised I don’t interact with pages a lot. I like a bunch of them, admin a couple. I interact with people, both…

Susan Gilbert

Has Your Business Facebook Page Stopped Growing?

Facebook Pages have come a long way since their inception with quite a few changes along the way. Today it is a challenge to build fans and engagement without purchasing expensive advertising. Has your business page been a bit dull lately? Facebook’s new algorithm and rules for link baiting have had an impact for certain,…