Veronica Hunt

Surprising A/B Testing Results from Aspiring Entrepreneurs

A/B Testing

5 Examples of A/B Testing Results A/B testing is a storehouse of knowledge. Many online stores offer a variety of interesting case studies from up-and-coming entrepreneurs describing surprising and useful test objectives, hypotheses, findings, and conclusions. We offer you the top five interesting test results coupled with a bonus list of tips from our A/B…

Jennifer Hanford

Business Travel on a Budget: 13 Tips for Savvy Entrepreneurs

Business travel

Without a doubt, businesses of all sizes spend a lot of money on business travel.  The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) projected total business travel spending would hit $302.7 billion in the U.S. alone. This leads to the question: What exactly are business travelers spending all this money on? The Cost of Business Travel As…

Andy Capaloff

Is Crowdsourcing The Cure For Your Ever Shrinking Day?

How Busy Are You? You’re busy.  You’re really, really busy!  You don’t need me or anyone else to remind you of just how busy you are. You may just recognize aspects of your day/your life in this Infographic.  Longer days, less sleep, less vacations. You know it isn’t good for you! This article from Inc.…

Andy Capaloff

The Millennial Conversation: A Parent’s View

I love millennials – I have 2 kids and 3 nieces and nephews who are millennials.  In age sequence, from 27 down to 22, they are a CEO of a hugely successful 15-month old company, a program-manager of a Credit Union who wants to become an entrepreneur, a junior precious metals trader, an actuary and…

Anastasia Ashman

Go Public With Your Process To Attract Like-Minded People

Are you pulling together a pile of personal and professional content that you might share in your online networks? If you are, you might be realizing that mountain of stuff represents your effort and interest, and independent research. Most likely, some of this material represents the things you chose to do because they make you…

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