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Anastasia Ashman
February 7, 2014

Use Social Context To Connect

Is it just me (and my timelines), or is everyone suddenly talking about the unignorable power of social context? I often see patterns emerging across all my information feeds, from thousands of sources in my realms of culture, media and publishing, technology, marketing, entrepreneurship and leadership. What bubbles to the surface across multiple fields is…

Anastasia Ashman
January 28, 2014

What’s The True Value Of Social Networking?

You’re a leading a digital life. Do you sense that? Rather than going online to do something in particular and then going offline to where you actually live and work, the virtual world now represents a fuller picture of who you are and what you are up to. It complements and enriches and facilitates the…

Anastasia Ashman
January 22, 2014

Simple Way To Welcome People Into Your Network: Open Doors

If you’re here at Curatti, you’re building digital community. All of us here are seeking connection with people we want to be in touch with, whether we’re business owners or marketers or industry peers, or simply exploring the professional possibilities of today’s increased connectivity. I know for me, as a solopreneur with a publishing world…

Anastasia Ashman
January 15, 2014

Fill Out Your GooglePlus Profile To SEO Yourself

In this weekly series on online community building, I’ve been talking about how to appear online as the distinct entity you are using unique content, whether you’re representing yourself as an individual or as an employee of a company, or as a business. Today I want to focus for a moment where all that content might…

Anastasia Ashman
January 8, 2014

Go Public With Your Process To Attract Like-Minded People

Are you pulling together a pile of personal and professional content that you might share in your online networks? If you are, you might be realizing that mountain of stuff represents your effort and interest, and independent research. Most likely, some of this material represents the things you chose to do because they make you…

Anastasia Ashman
January 2, 2014

How To Find And Share Content That Makes You Distinct

We’re born content producers. The more prolific among us are literally volcanoes of content. In this digital age of connection and resonance, it pays to understand ourselves as content producers. We’ve all got valuable, individualistic treasure to work with. I’m a proponent of using this kind of material in online spaces, in moderation, whether or…

Anastasia Ashman
December 26, 2013

The Great Big Social Networking Experiment

You’re building a global network. Today, we all are. Most of us have never built a global network before. We’ve never had the vast capability that we now have thanks to social technologies. No wonder we don’t know what we’re doing. It’s all an experiment. Trial — and error. And the stakes are getting higher every…

Anastasia Ashman
December 18, 2013

Here’s How to Use Social Media To Build Powerful Networks

If you’re thinking about growing or engaging your network online, I find a lot of people somehow manage to skip two fundamental steps. 1. Include people you already know 2. Actively connect to people It seems when we’re focused on community building on the web we feel the need to reinvent the wheel! For instance,…

Anastasia Ashman
December 12, 2013

Who Should You Follow Back and Why?

If you’re just getting started with social networking, here’s a hard-earned lesson many veteran online networkers are still coming to terms with. Don’t follow back on social networks, just because. Establish an intentional follow policy. Maybe it seems polite to follow someone who followed you or, you’re connected to them in some other part of…

Anastasia Ashman
December 6, 2013

How to Use Twitter Chats to Build Dynamic Online Communities

If who you follow is a key to deriving value from your social networking activities (and it is!), the better you do it for your own purposes, the more you’ll benefit. Here’s one bountiful way into the chaos that will help you find people and accounts sharing content you’re going to want to see in…

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