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August 28, 2016

How To Use Snapchat For Business and Fun [Infographic]

The new mobile messaging platforms offer device users a vast array of options for communicating with friends, family members and coworkers. Among the most popular of these apps is Snapchat. In this article, we are going to take a look at the functionality of Snapchat, and talk about the many ways that it can be used. From personal users, to businesses, this platform has much to offer for connecting with those you care about.

How Snapchat Works

SnapchatSnapchat is a free app that people can use for mobile messaging. With this app, you can share images and videos. However, Snapchat has one difference that clearly sets it apart from many of the other apps that perform similar functions. With Snapchat, the message disappears after a short period of time.

Getting Started

Getting Snapchat on your phone or tablet is fairly simple. For Android users, you would start by downloading the app from the Play Store, and for iOS devices, you would download the app from iTunes App Store. Once you have the app installed on your device, you would then need to sign up for an account. To sign-up for a Snapchat account, you would do the following.

  1. Click the “Sign Up” button on the welcome screen.
  2. At this point, you would provide a valid email address to associate with the account, a password, and a username.
  3. After that, you would then have the option to verify the phone number on your mobile device.
  4. The final step is a verification that you are a human and not an automated system.




Once you have created an account, you are then ready to move on to using Snapchat.

How to Use Snapchat

It is very easy to master the basics of Snapchat. When you open the app, you can use the camera of the device to take videos and pictures for the messages. You have some options for the different types of messages to send, features that can be added to messages, and it has features for finding friends or importing contacts from the device.


A Snap is the term used in Snapchat for the messages that you may send. It could be a video, a picture or it could be an image of another type. They can be viewed for up to ten seconds, and once the time has elapsed, they disappear from the phone or tablet.

Sending a Snap is fairly simple. You can take a picture or record a video using the camera, then you would select the people that you wish to send the Snap to. After that, you would set a time limit for the visibility of the message and tap the send button.

Receiving a Snap is similar to viewing messages in many of the other popular messaging apps. When it appears on the device, you would tap on the Snap from the list. It will appear or play on the screen, and then disappear after the time limit.

In addition to sending the picture or video, you can also add features and effects to the snaps. They have a variety of stickers, filters and text options that can be applied.

You also have the option to replay a Snap. You can only replay a Snap right after it has been viewed, so if you want to see it again, it must be done right away. To replay a Snap, just press on the snap and hold for a few seconds, and the replay will start.


Snapchat has a variety of features that can help with adding and managing friends in your contact list. You can add friends from the contact list on your device, search friends by their username and you can find Snapchatters by proximity with the Nearby feature. To add any friend, you would start by going to the Add Friends menu.

From the Add Friends screen, you could add people from your contact list by tapping on “Add from Address Book.”  It will show all of your contacts and indicate which ones are on Snapchat and which ones are not.  Just tap the plus sign that is next to the contact that you wish to add, and they will be on your Friends list.

You can also add people that have added you. Click on the “Added Me” button from your profile screen, go to the people that have added you and tap on the plus sign that is next to their name.



Another handy feature is the “Add Nearby.” If you are near a person that you want to add, you can select the “Add Nearby” option from the “Add Friends” screen. If both phones have the feature enabled, you will be able to see each other on the screen. Tap the plus sign next to their name and they will be added to your friend’s list.

With so many people on Snapchat, you may need to delete or block people from your friend’s list. To block a Snapchatter that is your friend or one that has added you, go to their name in your friend’s list or the Added me list. Tap on their name and then tap on the sprocket icon under their name. From this menu, select block.

Friend Emojis

Snapchat has a variety of emojis that are used to signify the activity between you and your friends. They have a gold heart to show the person that you communicate with the most, a smiley face to show that a Snapchatter is one of your best friends and a whole host of other emojis that can reflect different meanings.

You can also customize your friend emojis. If you want to make a change, just click on the settings icon from your profile, tap “Manage,” then select “friend emojis.” You have several options for how you can make changes to the emojis.


The stories on Snapchat are a group of Snaps that can be used to construct a narrative. The Snaps only last in the story for 24 hours, but they can be a great way to share a broader message with your friends.

To create a story, you just add the Snaps that you want to be a part of the story as you make them. To add a Snap to the story, tap on the plus sign and confirm that you want to add it to the story.

To view the stories of other Snapchatters, swipe left on the camera screen. You will see the recent updates to your friends’ stories and can tap on the ones that you wish to view.

You can also save your stories if you want to keep them. From the stories screen, select the options icon. After that, you can tap the save button to keep the story intact.

From the story, you can also select the option to see who viewed your story. From the options menu, tap one of the snaps, swipe up to see who viewed the snap.

While viewing the story of one of your friends, you can also send them a message. Just swipe up while you are watching and it will open a chat that is related to the story.


With memories, you can save a personal collection of Snaps that you wish to keep. You can access the memories by swiping up on the camera screen. To save a Snap as a memory, just tap the save button after you have created the Snap.

To edit a Snap, press and hold on the screen with the Snap, then select the edit button. You can add text and different features and then tap on the “done” button.

You can also add a memory to one of your stories. To do so, simply press and hold on the screen with the memory, then select the story button from the menu. After that, select the story that you wish to add the memory to.

Chat and Video Chat

With Snapchat, you can text and video chat with your friends. To start a text chat, just swipe right on the friends name. To start a video chat, just tap the video chat icon from the screen. To stop the video, tap the chat icon again and leave the chat.

In addition to text and video chat, you can do voice calls. To send a voice call, tap the phone icon on the screen. Your friend will have the option to listen, where only they can hear you or they could join for a two-way conversation.

Filters and Lenses

Filters offer a way to add an overlay to your Snaps. To add them, swipe to the left or right on the preview screen. You can add colors, time, geofilters and more.

The lenses are a way to add effects to a Snap that you are going to send. From the camera screen, press and hold on a face. A list of lens options will appear at the bottom and you can scroll through them to select the right one. Once you have applied the lens, you can then take the Snap as normal.

Geofilters are filters that are specific by location. To use them, you will need to enable location services. To add one, swipe on the Snap from the preview screen. It will then show you the options for the Geofilters that are available from your location.

Live Stories

The live stories are groups of Snaps from live locations and events. Snapchatters that are in the location can submit Snaps for the story and the Snapchat staff curates the story. You can find live stories on your stories screen and you can view the stories for any number of events by selecting them from the list.

If you are at an event or location that is a part of a live story, you can submit Snaps for the story. Once you have taken the Snap, you can select the arrow at the bottom of the screen. After that, you can select the live story that you want to submit the Snap to.

The story explorer allows you to get an even closer look at the event in a live story. If you want to see different angles and pictures that are related to a Snap in the story, swipe up on the Snap that you want to see more of.


The discover option is a great way to view channels and catch up on events. To access the discover options, just swipe left on the story screen. You can then view the channels and events that are available. Some of the Snaps will have articles or videos that accompany them. You can open these by swiping up on the related Snap.




Snapcash is a way that Snapchatters can send cash through the chat feature. Once you have your debit or credit card connected to your account, you can send cash to any eligible person.

After you have signed up for the Snapcash feature, you can then send cash to your friends. To send cash, open a chat with the friend that is to receive the money. Type a dollar amount in the chat box and the green Snapcash icon will appear. Tap the green symbol and the dollar amount should turn green. After that, hit send and your friend will be sent the money.

Snapchat Ads

Snapchat also offers an advertising platform for businesses. Snapchat has great reach and it is a simple way to get a message out there. With Snapchat, a business can use Snap ads for video ads. They also offer sponsored Geofilters and sponsored lenses.

Why People Love Snapchat

People like Snapchat for a variety of reasons. One of the most notable is that it allows you to share life with pictures and posts in a way that is more authentic. Additionally, it offers a greater level of privacy since the Snaps disappear after a few seconds. You also don’t have the social pressure that comes with sites like Twitter and Facebook. You are not looking to get likes; you are just sharing a moment with your friends. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about adding junk to somebody’s feed, the message just goes to who you want it to go to and after a few seconds, it’s gone.

Snapchat is particularly popular among young people, but it has something to offer just about any group. Sending images and videos between friends can be a great way to share life’s moments, and you can view all sorts of interesting content with the live stories and channels. Download the app for free and try some of the features. You will likely find that it is great fun and a great way to communicate.

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