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Nicholas Scalice
August 28, 2016

How To Use Snapchat For Business and Fun [Infographic]

The new mobile messaging platforms offer device users a vast array of options for communicating with friends, family members and coworkers. Among the most popular of these apps is Snapchat. In this article, we are going to take a look at the functionality of Snapchat, and talk about the many ways that it can be…

Nicholas Scalice
June 26, 2016

How Can Your Business Effectively Use Snapchat?

With so many social media platforms now playing an integral role in digital marketing, it can seem overwhelming as you try to figure out which ones will be best suited for your brand. And while not every business may be a perfect fit for Snapchat, this smartphone-based social media app has long surpassed the title…

Nicholas Scalice
February 21, 2016

Choosing the Right Social Media Scheduling Tool

Do you want to make social media really work for your business? Terms like queuing, curating, and aggregating can be confusing. You know you want customers to see you on Twitter or Facebook. What tools and apps do you really need? And how do you maximize your social media presence? The old way of posting…

Nicholas Scalice
January 21, 2016

5 Ways to Create Content That Actually Gets Attention

One of the most difficult parts of implementing a content marketing strategy is figuring out how you’ll stand out from the crowd. Let’s face it; there is just an absolute ton of content out there, much of which isn’t very good. Nonetheless, you and I can only consume so much information at a given time,…

Nicholas Scalice
December 17, 2015

5 Ways to Leverage Twitter in a Post-Twitter World

Social media has become an inseparable part of our lives. We share our stories and photos, eager to get likes and shares. Today, social media is one of the most important components of a digital marketing strategy for any organization or brand. Few would argue with this. However, in recent months, some marketers would say that Twitter…

Nicholas Scalice
November 20, 2015

5 Essential Social Media Marketing Tools

Many professions are defined – at least in some small way – by the tools connected to the trade. Carpenters, for instance, bring to mind hammers, nails, and power tools. Stethoscopes characterize doctors almost too often, and there is a deep connection between police officers and their guns, badges, and handcuffs. But what about social…

Nicholas Scalice
October 18, 2015

Are You Over-Automating Your Marketing Campaigns?

Earlier this year, I traveled to Boston for HubSpot’s INBOUND conference. One thing that struck me was a recurring theme that several of the speakers hit on. They kept saying that marketers need to be careful not to over-automate. In other words, they said we need to keep the human side of marketing alive. For social…

Nicholas Scalice
September 17, 2015

7 SEO Trends You Need to Know Now

Even though search engine optimization (SEO) is less than 20 years old, it has evolved quite a number of times and still continues to do so. For example, Google’s search algorithms are updated on a continual basis, bringing changes that brands of all sizes must adapt to, if they want to stay in business. In this article,…

Nicholas Scalice
August 13, 2015

5 Ways Social Media Marketing Is Changing Before Our Eyes

Okay, I’ll say it. This is going to be a controversial post. I’m going to cover some stuff that some of you will disagree with. But that’s alright. In fact, that’s what I’m hoping will happen. You see, as marketers, we’re at our finest when we’re challenging the status quo. If we’re just going with the flow,…

Nicholas Scalice
June 21, 2015

7 Actionable Tips for Creating Remarkable Content

Every blogger wants to create content that truly resonates with their audience. I’m talking about really hitting home with advice, guidance, insights, and commentary that each and every reader can put into practice right away. That’s the goal, but it is much easier said than done. In fact, much of the content that is published…