Albert Qian
June 5, 2014

Why Your Marketing Starts With a Great Success Story (Part 2 of 2)

In our previous post, we discussed how great marketing starts with a good success and outlined a few ways of how a company could tell such a story.

Luckily with the invention of many different technologies as well as the Internet, success stories can be told in many different ways. Going beyond the power granted in having your own website, success stories can take many different angles.

Let’s explore:

  • Video: Video is probably the most popular angle today. A short documentary movie of a company’s success story or successful product goes a long way.  Where text heavy documents and graphics fail come video tells a story, both emotionally and rationally. Apple for example, tells stories really well through its advertising showing how its flagship devices change the way people interact.
  • Photography: Photographs tell a story of a moment in time. In photos, you can still see emotions, but the still is what sends it home. Whether the photo of a product in use and impacting lives, or a customer lighting up with delight at the company’s efforts, photos really show what’s going on right then and there.
  • White Paper: For the more writing intensive, a white paper tells a story in text. Though not as long as a book, or short as a newspaper article, a white paper tells the story technically and usefully for the audience. As a company, you should realize this type of communication is not for everyone, but can be for a select crowd that finds this type of content exciting.
  • Marketing Campaign: If you feel as if your company story needs to be extended beyond a singular media hit, a marketing campaign may be the way to go.  A marketing campaign can be a combination of all of the above: Video, photography, blog posts, as well as paid media advertising. A marketing campaign may also be the best way to capture success stories since the stories are played over and over again and can be heard by a variety of people.
  • Live Demonstration/Webinar: The decline of online meeting technology has made this one much more popular among businesses of all sizes. A webinar gets all interested parties in the room and allows the company to demonstrate competency through a live demonstration. Social media and tech companies tend to do this a lot, where a webinar will also be a great catalyst for driving sales.

In closing, whatever your company’s success story might be, there is most definitely a medium to share that story within. From photography to videos, webinars to marketing campaigns, the possibilities are endless. Pick one that you like and run with it.

Good luck!