Ann Smarty
November 28, 2020

How To Attract More Social Media Readers Using Emotional Marketing

There is a genius that has still yet to be cultivated in social media called emotional marketing. But what is it exactly? 

Emotional marketing is basically things that build your ego and make you feel confident about yourself. In other words, there are brand names out there that are so solid with some people that they are put in as a permanent household name.

Those kinds of ideas that people are so attached to that they get the Harley Davidson symbol tattooed on their person or slap a sticker on their truck window.

They believe in the product.

But this is the genius of emotional marketing. We want to feel this way. We want to see an ad on television about how something can make our life better at that exact moment when it feels like all Hell is breaking loose around us.

Emotional marketing is being used, but it’s not understood because most people don’t realize that what they are doing is the cause of emotional marketing. 

They get people to a certain point, and, because they don’t understand the full potential of what they’re doing, end up coming on too strong at the end for the sale or the subscribing opportunity.

What Is Emotional Marketing?

There are a lot of factors that come into play when someone is directed towards your site. Emotion plays a huge role in this factor. You want to bring a positive emotion out of the people reading your social update to get them there and there are certain things that you can do to direct them where you want them to go.

People are weird

If there’s one thing that is certain, it’s that. People are just plain weird. You can’t really tell what kind of a mood they’re going to be in today, whether or not they’ll like the same thing today as they did yesterday. Bunch of weirdos, but it’s true. However, one thing stays the same in this ever-changing mind frame of the reader/follower and that is their emotions are a blank slate.

You do have a chance to drive them to your site. They may not have woken up this morning, jumped out of bed, and said to themselves, Hmm, I think I’ll go to “so and so’s” site today. More than likely they didn’t, but what I’m saying is that even though they’re not thinking about you, once they converge on your update, their emotions are unbiased.

The Keys To Emotional Marketing

There are different things that you can do to build an emotional marketing update. Most emotional marketing is done long-term with branding on big business, however, with all of the social media psychology I have been researching, I have found that emotional marketing can be done on a short-term basis.

Can you build emotion through an update?

The best part about this answer is, yes, you can. Emotion plays a strong role in how people see your social updates. Your posts may have relevance and be of some help to them on a certain level, but they could care less because you haven’t made yourself available to them on the outside level.

The social update is the front door to your site. No one knows about your content, and unfortunately, no one cares. Bringing them to your content by using certain emotions is a key factor in building a large following both on your site and on your social accounts.

What’s in emotions anyway?

Some of the strongest words you can use in a social update are these: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, & HOW

These words generally raise questions in the follower’s brain and lead them to believe that you know something that they do not, or you’re getting some better information on a certain topic. 

When people have questions, they want them answered. However, they may not have the question in their head at the time they come across your digital business card. That is why it’s up to you to raise the question for them.


Why Your Social Media Marketing Is Wrong & How You Can Fix It To Drive Traffic

That’s one of many that you can use. As you see, it uses one of the 5 W’s and it raises the question of “Well, what am I doing wrong? I thought I was doing something right. Well, maybe this person knows something I’m not doing…I should go check this out!” You have to raise a question in the reader’s mind and show them that you can answer that question inside the post you’re directing them to.

That’s usually the way it works out.

There is one thing that is true of all people.

They don’t want to be left out. They want to know what you know because they are in the same race you’re in. They want to make money. Really, the majority is just a bunch of marketers selling to a bunch of other marketers when you think about it. When you have some great information that you want to share with readers, you’ve got to make everything stand out from an emotional standpoint. With your images and your text description in the update. 

Depending on what industry you’re in, most of the emotion is people wanting something. When you can give that to them by connecting with them on an emotional level, you’ve done your job.

Without giving any opinion of your own, you’ve got to share with them that you have something of use for them and that they need to read it NOW.

The Final Thought

The fact of the matter is simple. You want traffic and they want information. It’s a good exchange. When you start to realize that it’s with your social media updates that you’re going to drive this traffic, and you start actually writing psychologically effective updates, that’s when you will start seeing a positive result in your social media!

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Ann Smarty

Brand and Community Manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas
Ann Smarty is the Community and Brand Manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. She is also a host of two weekly Twitter chats (#VCBuzz on Tuesdays and #MYBlogU on Thursdays) and a regular speaker at the largest marketing conference Pubcon
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