Greg Cooper
March 24, 2017

Curatti On Air: The Greg Cooper LinkedIn Interview

Curatti on Air LinkedIn Interview

This video is based on my original Curatti article titled “8 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting More Business from LinkedIn”.

LinkedIn is most widely used and credible online venue for businesses of all sizes. No other platform provides both the depth of information about your target audience and the ability to quickly find, connect and engage with that audience. Yet many businesses are failing to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Some of the areas covered in this approximately 20-minute interview include:

  • The importance of creating a complete and compelling profile
  • Why you need an All-Star profile
  • How to build a relevant and opportunity rich network
  • What is the right size for a LinkedIn network?
  • Which types of content work best?
  • How to use LinkedIn search to quickly find your ideal prospects
  • Building a virtual team to support and share your content
  • How much time to spend on LinkedIn
  • Why little and often is the most practical strategy for most people

I also share several real-life examples of businesses who have enjoyed great success with LinkedIn, including one business which has turned LinkedIn into a lead generation conveyor belt.

The Curatti On Air LinkedIn Interview

In this interview, I discuss some of the reasons why so many businesses fail to take advantage of the benefits of LinkedIn.  It was a vibrant and enjoyable conversation with Curatti’s Andy Capaloff and host, Cheryl Tan.

After you have watched the video, you can read the original article here.

Any thoughts?

Please share any questions or comments you may have, below. Did any of the conversation get you thinking? Do you feel you are using LinkedIn effectively and can add to the discussion?

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Greg Cooper

Greg Cooper is an internationally recognised LinkedIn Coach and Trainer, based in Bristol, UK. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing and an award winning marketer. He works with small and medium sized businesses to help them use LinkedIn much more effectively to grow their businesses.