Luisa Brenton
June 12, 2016

6 Reasons Why Facebook Still Reigns for Brand Promotion

Reason #1: Your Demographic is There

Some have called Facebook the “Coca-Cola” of this century. And that’s a pretty apt description. The company is huge; of all adult users of the Internet, 72% are on Facebook. And these users are from all demographics – young, middle-aged, seniors, rich, middle-class, poor, all races and religions, all ethnic backgrounds – a huge melting pot of readers, viewers, and, yes, consumers. Just like Coca-Cola drinkers.

This means that your customer demographic is on Facebook, no matter what other social media platforms specific demographics may be using. You cannot go wrong using Facebook as one of your major marketing platforms. This is the #1 reason why you should be using Facebook for brand promotion. There are six others.

Reason #2: Versatility of Content

One of the great benefits of Facebook is that you have so many options for content. While other social media platforms have some restrictions, you can post as much text and as many images and/or videos as you want in a single post. While you may not want to overload, you do have the option to make those decisions yourself. From a complete photo album of a sponsored event to a poignant image of your company providing bottled water to the residents of Flint, Michigan, to a contest or quiz, to a showcase of your new products, you have the ability to engage, entertain, inspire, and persuade.

With the right copy, and you can hire copywriting services, you can draw readers and viewers who will spread that content to their Facebook tribes. Having a viral post on Facebook is the fastest way to reach millions of others with your brand.

Reason #3: Use Facebook Audience and Page Insights to Target Your Audience

Using the analytics available to you through these two features, you can get aggregate information about your target audience and about interactions on your page. You can use this information to place targeted ads, based upon demographics and purchasing behaviors.

For small businesses and for startups that need to grow an audience and spread their brands, Facebook advertising is budget friendly.

You can use the “Trending Topics” feature to get your name out there. Mentioning a topic in one of your posts will mean that your page shows up when others click on that topic. This, and many other little ways to keep your name poking into conversations can improve brand awareness.

Reminder: advertising does not by itself replace engaging content. It will drive people to your Facebook page and to your website. The rest is up to you.

Reason #4: A Great Forum for Relationship-Building

relationshipHaving a personal connection with businesses is important to consumers today. They need to know you and trust you before they buy. Even your website cannot engage your target audience the way Facebook can. For example, you may have a great blog and there may be great conversations about individual posts. But that audience is small compared to the potential of your Facebook audience.

When you tell your stories on Facebook, especially with visuals, and then engage your viewers in conversations, you develop a relationship that is personal and trusting. Followers are more willing to purchase from you but they are also more willing to share you when their friends are looking for similar products and services.

Visiting pages of related businesses allows you to join in conversations and engage target customers on a personal level there as well. And if you can engage those businesses, you can set up reciprocal arrangements to post about one another, sharing your followers and increasing your brand awareness.

Reason #5: Facebook is Pretty Low Maintenance

Yes, you have to have a regular schedule of postings; yes, you have to access your page several times a day so that you can respond to comments and questions; yes you have to have a monitoring tool so that you can check out any mention of you. But if you have plenty of great content, you can update once or twice a day, and your audience is satisfied.

Reason #6: It’s all about the Potential

The most compelling reason why Facebook is still the best platform for spreading your brand is the potential. As they say, statistics don’t lie, and here are some important ones every business owner should chew on:

  1. There are over 1.5 billion Facebook users and at least a billion daily users
  2. 91% of millennials are on Facebook – they are now the largest buying group
  3. 45% of senior citizens are on Facebook
  4. The average user is on Facebook 6% of his/her day

Your demographic is on Facebook more than on any other social media platform. And on Facebook, you have the biggest opportunity to reach your audience. You can throw as much content as you want out there, in as many forms as possible, and at least some of it will “stick” or get shared, and your brand goes with it.

It takes time to establish a large following on any social media platform, and a new business must be patient. Over time, however, if you are consistent with your posting if you can create content that really engages, and you yourself remain engaged with your followers at any opportunity, your brand will spread.


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