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Luisa Brenton
July 19, 2016

5 Psychology Hacks to Improve Your Social Media Posts

Psychology hacks

Unless you’ve been spending far more time on the dark side of the internet than me, I wouldn’t suggest that you try to hack any of the social media sites. And that’s not just because their protection is pretty robust and the consequences of getting caught are pretty severe. It’s because doing so would be…

Luisa Brenton
June 12, 2016

6 Reasons Why Facebook Still Reigns for Brand Promotion

Reason #1: Your Demographic is There Some have called Facebook the “Coca-Cola” of this century. And that’s a pretty apt description. The company is huge; of all adult users of the Internet, 72% are on Facebook. And these users are from all demographics – young, middle-aged, seniors, rich, middle-class, poor, all races and religions, all…

Luisa Brenton
May 5, 2016

6 Tips How to Use Instagram for eCommerce

Okay, so there are bigger networks out there than Instagram. The network has 400 million users while Facebook has four times that amount. Still, as Business Insider reports, that number hides some important realities. Instagram users are far younger on average than Facebook users and they view the network as far more important (32% say…