Ron Sela
April 2, 2015

7 Attributes of a Highly Effective Guest Blogger

Writing as a guest blogger can have its own advantages in terms of promoting your blog, expanding your reach to new audiences and increasing the amount of visitors that you receive.

There are several key attributes that people will look for when they are choosing a guest blogger, and if you can demonstrate that you have these then you should find that demand for your services continues to grow.

Approach Your Guest Article with High Diligence

If you leave it to the owner of the blog to reply to any comments, they may begin to feel it is too much hard work to host you again.

Also, if someone is relying on your behalf, they may not get across all the points that you want to make, and they may have totally different opinions than you.

If you sign up to the RSS feed for comments, you will be notified when anything new is posted, and this will allow you to respond as soon as possible.

Don’t Rely Only on Your Host to Promote Your Article

Don’t assume that the owner will do all the work in terms of promotion just because it is their blog. promote-blog-post1Remember, this relationship should benefit both of you, so you need to make sure you are doing as much promotion work as the owner.

Any social media sites that you are signed up to is a good place to start with any promotion that you have planned as this will immediately be shared with your contacts, and may also be seen by their friends and associates.

Link From Articles on Your Blog

If you have any articles on your blog that relate to the topic you are writing about as a guest, then be sure to link to your guest post from these articles.

The same goes for any future posts that you write for your own blog that are relevant, as this will help you maintain the relationship that you have established with the owner of the blog you are writing for, and could lead to future work for you.

There are also a number of things that you can do to make sure you get the most out of your guest blogging experience, in terms of attracting traffic to your blog and to find other potential venues for your writing.

Make A List Of Links to Your Articles Elsewhere

If you have a number of articles on other sites, then list these as a page on your blog. This will give people an easy reference, so they can find and read your articles easily.

If you have several posts on another site, it may be easier to link to their homepage or your writer’s page, rather than to link to each article individually.

It will also show people who want you to write for them the experience you have elsewhere.

Include The Website In Your “Contributed To” Profiles

Although this is probably not used by Google for SEO purposes anymore, it still helps to raise your profile by including all guest posts that you make in the contributed to the section of Google+. Same applies to all other websites that give you the opportunity to list your articles.

This helps to show people that you have writing experience in places other than your blog and that you are active with your writing. It can also show that you can write on a number of diverse topics.

Entice People To Your Blog With A Good Bio

20955761_sOne of the main aims with guest blogging is to increase traffic to your blog. Once people have read your article, give them the chance to get to

find out a bit more about you with

a short bio that makes them want to find out more about you and your work.

This should be to the point while still containing a strong call to action to encourage people to visit your blog.

Share Your Best Articles

The articles that you use for guest blogging will need to be of the same quality that you would post on your blog.

People are not going to want to read more from you if the article is poor, which means that they are not likely to visit your blog.

Make all the relevant checks with regards to grammar and spelling that you would make with your work, and perhaps ask someone to proofread the article to identify any errors.


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