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December 18, 2018

6 Outstanding Lesser-Known Social Media Management Tools

Social Media Management Tools

In today’s business world, there are few niches in which businesses can thrive without an active social media presence. It’s easy to become comfortable with the tools you currently use, and only look to better-known software to meet new needs. But this strategy may not be the best one for your business. This article presents a few social media management tools that have largely slipped under the radar, yet might be very useful to some readers.


IFTTT stands for If This Then That. It saves time when managing your presence on social media platforms, apps, and websites. IFTTT creates chains of simple conditional statements known as applets. An applet is triggered when changes occur within web services such as Facebook, Gmail, Telegram, Instagram or Pinterest.

In other words, this tool can link these services together based on the triggers you create. And it initiates the action you set up when some activity takes place. For example, when you create a blog post (a trigger), IFTTT automatically creates a Tweet or a Facebook post.

Moreover, IFTTT is simple to use.  You need to download a mobile app that is available for both Android and Apple iOS. After downloading, you just have to create a free account and can run the automation in minutes.

Recently, IFTTT has launched some more updates, in which it brought the services of ten companies to the platform. These are the services you used in your daily life. Here are the examples:

  • Link Smart Home can be integrated with IFTTT. It allows you to seamlessly connect various technologies like voice assistants, lights, aroma diffusers and more.
  • With Mitsubishi Electric Kumo Cloud, IFTTT gives you the ability to control your home environment zone by zone, from any tablet or smartphone.
  • Integrate your IFTTT account with the Roost Leak detector, which can send alerts to your smartphone about water events, temperature changes and leaks.
  • Logitech Circle helps you in recording and reviewing potential home events, and with IFTTT now control and schedule its operations from anywhere.

IFTTT has become a developer’s paradise, with some developing applets for smart devices in the home. This is a great service that everyone should at least explore. And the paid options opens up still more services,

2. Friends+Me

For those, who need an effective and easy-to-use rescheduling and content management tool, Friends+me is unquestionably an ideal choice. The special feature of Friends+me is that it allows you to repost your Google+ (shutting down for consumers) shares on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. You can schedule the post to be added later and can reschedule it with Friends+me.

From time to time, Friends+me updates its services. For example, it launched the beta version to Instagram support on 7th March, which was announced by Alois Bělaška, founder of Friends+Me, in its official blog space. However, another update on 6th April announced that Friends+Me would wait for the official public Instagram Graph API before they allow scheduling Instagram of posts.

Friends+me also provides built-in SEO benefits, and it supports all the popular mobile devices.

3. Viralpep

Viralpep allows you to manage all social media messages from one place, and to schedule and publish content. Content scheduling is the major feature of viralpep. It offers four packages to the users: free, professional, business and enterprise.

In the free version, you can manage 3 social profiles. In the professional, business and enterprise version, you can manage 10, 50 and 100 profiles respectively. Your monthly posting limit in the free version is 20, and in all other versions, you have the facility to post without any limits.

The social networks it supports are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The content setup and training features are only available in business and enterprise versions.

Similarly, there are many other features, which vary depending upon your version.  It is also a mobile-friendly tool.

4. StatusBrew

StatusBrew has 16 million users. It empowers businesses, brands, marketing agencies, and a number of organizations. StatusBrew offers you some special features such as:

  • Follow-Unfollow-Strategy is still used to gradually increase your followers on Twitter. StatusBrew, formerly known as Unfollowers, allows you to automate your strategy to identify spammers and inactive Twitter users, and unfollow them.
  • It also has a content recycler. Separate categories of tweets can be created, which can be rotated for clients. If any of your clients have a sale or something special, you can make it a part of your tweets, and when the sale is over, the category can be made inactive.

StatusBrew has regular auto-updates and is available as a mobile app on both Android and IOS.

5. Tailwind

Tailwind is meant for saving time on Instagram and Pinterest. Like other social media management tools, it also allows you to schedule posts. Some of the features offered by Tailwind include:

  • Bulk image upload
  • Drag and drop calendar
  • Multi-board pinning
  • Deep analytics and insights
  • A browser extension for creating multiple posts
  • Hashtag finder

In addition to the above-mentioned features, you can get much more from Tailwind.

6. RiteKit

RiteKit provides a complete social media tool-kit for both web and mobile. It offers a complete package of four tools, and you can choose among them depending on your social media business requirement.

  • RiteForge helps you in crafting, scheduling and publishing outstanding posts. It has plenty of time-saving tools, controlled by its enhance button.
  • RiteBoost allows you to create enhanced posts in bulk from RSS, Feedly or Pocket.
  • adds self-branded calls-to-action on links as well as tracks clicks and conversations. It also has exclusive video CTAs.
  • With RiteTag, you can get instant hashtag suggestions for images and text at any place on web and mobile. It is considered one of the best tools for Instagram and Pinterest.

These are the basic features of RiteKit tools. There are a plethora of more features available that you find when you will go for using or exploring them.

To Sum Up

The above-mentioned tools provide unique features for social media management. Post scheduling is the common feature in all of them. Many more such tools are available, which can help you in your social media marketing. But, these are some rarely used yet effective tools to meet our social media requirements.

Over To You

Are there any lesser-known tools that you swear by? Please share them with your fellow readers. Thanks!



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