Albert Qian
August 28, 2014

4 Ways to Maximize Your SlideShare Presentation

As we’ve discussed many times on Curatti, the rise of visual content plays an important part in any company’s content marketing strategy. Whether its opting for an informative infographic, snazzy cover photo, or meme to project a company value, what a company places visually on its social channels can be interest generating or drive people away.

What happens however, when just an image isn’t enough? How about a presentation?

Presentations are one of the most underrated ways to project content and thought leadership about a particular topic. Though longer in length, a presentation has the ability to deliver information in summaried, visual elements that give the reader a chance to learn about a topic quickly and with a takeaway. One such platform that allows for the sharing, downloading, and social engagement of presentations is Slideshare. The presentation company, acquired by professional networking company LinkedIn in May 2012 allows users to upload presentations in PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote, or OpenDocument.

A SlideShare presentation when created well can generate a tremendous amount of traffic. Check out these 4 tips for maximizing a SlideShare Presentation:

8. FINAL BOARDS Michele1. Keep it Visual. A presentation by default should be visual, but the misfortune of this is that many people still use one with the expressed purpose of splattering it with a lot of text. The best way to create a presentation that stands out on SlideShare is to keep things short and tell a story with images and a summary. When it’s visual the viewer can take a mental image which helps them remember the impact a whole lot better, much like a simple social media image.

2. Have a Call-to-Action. From a business perspective a presentation should not only deliver visually but also have a call to action, usually reserved for the conclusion slide. The best SlideShares offer a call to action for the reader, and give the reader the opportunity to do just more than read the presentation. Whether the end goal is to buy a product, visit a website, or consume additional content, this ought to be within the content of the SlideShare. Not having one and uploading a presentation anyway would equate to a colossal waste of time.

3. Deliver a TON of Value. This is also another obvious one that seems obvious but so many people miss as well. In whatever presentation that is being developed, remember that value must be delivered, whether it’s a tool, idea, concept, or action that the reader can use to make their efforts better. Be sure to also include reference links as well if the reader should go to another side for greater detail.

4. Take it to a Speaking Presentation. Finally, the ultimate maximization of a presentation is to take it to a speaking event. Attendees at events always want to get their hands on a presentation and want to extract as much as possible. Taking a presentation to a speaking event also assists in improving a personal brand for greater traffic to the SlideShare Presentation.

It’s with these 4 critical elements that I was able to get almost 1,000 views on my presentation since giving a speech on it in mid-July. You can check it out below.

Happy SlideSharing!