Gaetano DiNardi
January 31, 2019

25 Data Driven Customer Service Trends and Tips for Small Business

The rise of automation, including self-service, has created a rapidly changing customer service industry. Certainly, they have prompted a major shift in the way customers communicate with businesses.

Not only are consumers expecting near instant resolution of their issues, they are expecting it in a personalized and courteous manner. There are several things your customer service team can do to stand out in this ever-changing landscape.

For instance, building a strong bond with your customer base can start your team off on the right foot when it comes to brand loyalty. One of the best ways to do this is through a reputation for stellar customer service. In fact, 96% of consumers consider excellent customer service to be a deciding factor in who they do business with.

One way to gain a reputation for standout customer service is to answer customer queries and problems efficiently and effectively. 44% of consumers have reported being given an incorrect answer by a customer service representative! This can be avoided by training a knowledgeable staff that can answer customer’s questions the first time.

Another way to level-up your customer service team is to pay attention to what communication channels your customers are using and answer questions there. Younger generations are using mobile for at least 43% of their customer service interactions. So your online customer service portal should be mobile responsive and streamlined.

In fact, your entire customer service experience should be streamlined across channels. Most consumers (90%) expect an online portal to be available for questions or concerns. Many also use social media as a means to contact companies in a way that is familiar and convenient for them.

As self-service methods of problem-solving become more mainstream, companies can offer virtual assistants, chatbots or troubleshooting guides as a customer service tool. Per an old AmEx survey, around 60% of consumers didn’t mind a self-service experience if it means solving a simple issue quickly.

However, it’s important not to forget about those who do prefer to speak to a “real person”. When it comes to more complicated issues, such as payment disputes or technical issues, 40% of customers would rather talk through it over the phone. It’s important to make sure your phone systems are streamlined and well staffed.

If your company makes a genuine effort to excel in customer service, it can attract new customers. Customers will even pay more to transact with a company with a great customer service reputation. Your company will likely also receive positive reviews and encourage repeat sales if customer service is made a priority.

 25+ Data-Driven Customer Service Tips – The Infographic

The visual below details some more specific ways small businesses can impress customers with their communication, responsiveness and knowledge. Ensure your customer service team is top notch and reap the rewards!

Customer service trends Infographic by Nextiva

Source: Nextiva

Your Turn

Have you seen any Customer Service trends not mentioned in the above Infographic? Do you have any stories of how any of these methods have helped your business? If so, please leave your comments, below. Thanks!


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