Rintu Biswas
January 4, 2018

20 Ways To Write Engaging Content [Infographic]

20 Ways To Write Engaging Content

You want to know the reason, why after doing everything in your capacity to make a name for yourself as a Blogger, you are getting only a limited number of views and a couple of comments on your blog?

It is because of a weak blogging strategy. Simply, you aren’t writing engaging content.


Content is the Backbone of your blog. Everything else, including SEO techniques, marketing tools, backlinks, etc. only work once you have a strong backbone in place.

If your content lacks the crucial factors of engagement and entertainment and is only packed up with tons of mundane information, your strategy needs a makeover.


There is no secret that you need to uncover or there isn’t any hard skill that you need to acquire as a must.

In fact,

The trick is quite simple and straightforward.

You communicate right?

We all do!


There is no vernacular jargon that we had to learn to communicate with fellow human beings.

Communicate with your readers in a conversational way. Just as you would do with a friend of yours.

Your mode of communication is only words on a screen, where the setup collectively is called Blogging.

If you don’t speak ‘to them’, why would people stay awake at night to read some words from a screen? It’s terribly boring.

Would you do that?

If not, then don’t expect the reader to value your opinion on your field of expertise, when he or she is not even getting to talk to you directly but rather is looking at a page filled with letters.


It is imperative that you engage your readers and present the valuable information about your subject in an entertaining way.

A compassionate tone is important to engage readers in a conversation.

So, stop having a cold heart and do not talk about only what needs to be done and how to do it.

To give you a detailed picture, MyTasker has created a visually appealing Infographic on “20 Ways to Make Your Content Engaging”.

Have a look and implement as many as you want, if not all. See how your view, share and like counts increase.

20 Ways to Write Engaging Content

How to write engaging content - Infographic

Any Comments?

So there were 20 tips to writing engaging content. Do you have a 21st? Please shareyour thoughts in the comments section, below.

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