Nikol Murphy
November 15, 2013

Why Google Plus Hangouts on Air are the Next Big Opportunity

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Author: Nikol Murphy

What if I told you that you could reach your audience using video WITHOUT them being a Facebook Fan,  having a Twitter Handle, Google+ account, signing up for a teleseminar, webinar or your email list?


In my mind, there are two types of people. Those who are excited by change and embrace it and those who are afraid if it and run away. You will never catch me on a roller-coaster, but you will always find me trying new ways to get my message out to the masses. “Communication is the key to success” has always been my motto. I believe that if you can properly communicate your message, than you are on the road to success. Let me break that down even further. “Clear and specific communication is the key to finding your ideal clients.”

This very concept is why you have gone over revision after revision of your marketing plan, tweaked fonts and wording in ads, and spent painless hours writing your company mission statement. The reason you have done this is to refine your message and try to deliver it to your target audience so that they “get it”.

With all of the change going on in the marketing space every day, it is easy to get confused by all the motion. What is important is that your message is still the same, whether you are taking an ad in a newspaper or filming a TV commercial. You are simply using different methods to communicate.  As technology advances, our ability to communicate becomes more advanced and complex. In 1982 when Steven Spielberg released a new movie he made movie posters and did tv interviews. When he released a movie in 2012, he made a movie poster and participated in a Google+ Hangout on Air with the actors and took questions from the public. Same purpose and message, just a different way of communicating.

There is a reason that email is still very powerful in my book. You have the opportunity to get in front of your audience when it is just you and them. No other noise is interrupting their thought process. You are delivering your message one-to-one. This puts you at a huge advantage versus catching them in a Facebook feed, Twitter stream or trying to influence them while they are driving down the highway via a billboard ad. You carefully craft your words and hope that your message resonates.

So let me ask you this. If email is so powerful, what could be better? Let’s see… have you ever thought, “If I could just get in front of them, I could explain this perfectly.” or “They are never going to take my call, if I could just get a foot in the door, I know they would see how beneficial it would be to work together.”  Okay, so maybe your internal voice does not say beneficial, but stay with me for a second.

There are plenty of email lists I have unsubscribed to because the message was either too weak or long. I am giving you one-on-one attention here! Make it worth my while!  Have you ever thought, “I just don’t have time to read this right now. I wish there was an e-mail reader.” There kind of is.

Enter Google+ Hangouts on Air.

Definition: Google+ Hangouts are a video call for up to 10 people total, or just yourself. This includes the guest. It is a free service. At minimum you need a phone to participate. Most use the stock laptop web camera and microphone and an internet connection to participate.

Google+ Hangouts On Air broadcast your video call live via the web and your YouTube channel. Then it records and stores it. You can place your broadcast into your website, or have people view it through G+ or YouTube. When you broadcast your Hangout on Air, your viewers have a “TV like” experience. They are also able to post comments under their view of the video. This is so powerful! Now instead of talking at the TV, you can talk with the TV! Participants inside the hangout can answer questions and react to comments live! For free! Essentially, you have a TV truck inside your computer now. (pic)

For those who have been longing to just talk freely, your time is now.

You can access your audience by having them go to your website!


5 Tips For A Knockout Marketing Campaign.

“Come back to our website on Tuesday at 3pm to participate in a live Google+ HOA.

Join our live interview!  Post questions and comments! Can’t make it? View it on our website later!”

Why is this better than any other platform?

1. You do not have to get the audience to commit to you before sending out your message! They can watch your hangout and ingest the message without ever signing up for something. Here is your foot in the door.

Email is great, right? Yes! Once you get that person to sign up for your email list. People are very protective of their email addresses for the very reason I mentioned above. It is a one-on-one, time consuming action.

2. People buy from people, not companies.

How much would you give to reach the decision maker at a company? How about free? Get your message out there and often! You truly not only have a voice, but a face to go with it! Let people see your passion for what you do by hearing your voice behind your words and seeing your facial expressions.

3. No more fighting for that time for someone to read your Facebook post, blog post or email.

People can listen to your hangout instead of reading.

Do not misread this! Email lists and blogs are very important part to your marketing plan. There is often a lot of interaction with a potential customer before they commit to an e-mail list. Google+ Hangouts on Air are a wonderful first step for people.

Are you the adventurous “let’s try this thing” kind of person? Next, we will go into to how find out how to use Google+ Hangouts on Air.

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