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December 27, 2013

Kick off 2014 with the Latest Advances in Google+ Hangouts

Hangouts have taken a huge leap forward since my previous article, Why Google Plus Hangouts on Air are the Next Big Opportunity (link:

Your 2014 marketing strategy needs to include high quality Google+ Hangouts on Air. Video is hugely popular and is no longer only inaccessible to those with large marketing budgets. Google+ has equipped your computer with a tv truck inside. With a few basic tools, you can broadcast your own show and then that video lives on YouTube under your channel. Let’s remember that all public posts on Google+ are indexed in Google search. All Google+ Hangouts on Air are housed on YouTube. Google is the world’s #1 search engine. YouTube is #2. What every company wants is to be found on the internet which equals search. Now is the time to look at options and feature updates to Hangouts tin order to determine where your company fits in.

Hangouts have taken a huge leap forward since my previous article.

1. A Google+ Hangout on Air indexes in search almost immediately. Take notice of what you title your hangout. It should be relative to the topic that will be discussed on your show. So instead of calling it “The Nikol Murphy Show – episode 3” call it “How to plan the Perfect Live Event with Nikol Murphy”

2. You can now schedule a Hangout on Air in advance.

This will allow you to have the proper URL of the hangout prior to it starting. In the past, you did not get this until you launched the hangout. When scheduling your hangout, G+ will launch an event to house the hangout inside and an option to record a teaser video. This gives you a more “turn key” experience with hangouts. For more info:

3. The Questions App.

This app allows you to take, track and organize audience questions. Any audience member can submit a question into the questions app. It is placed on the right hand side of the hangout view. Audience members can then vote the question up by +1-ing the question. You can mark the question your are currently answering and then mark it answered. For more info:

4. Control Room

Share the responsibility of producer. As you are practicing, you will learn that their are a lot of moving parts inside of the hangout and having someone monitor certain pieces will allow you to be present as the host. You can now use the Control Room feature to share the producer’s chair with another member inside the hangout. By hovering over their name, choosing the down arrow and clicking on Give Controls, you can give someone the same powers as you during that hangout. Make sure that you trust them! As of right now, they can eject you out of the hangout along with anyone else. Stay tuned, as I think that issue will be corrected.

5. Private Hangout on Air!

This means you can include certain people to a hangout on air. It will not be visible to the public and it will still record and house inside of your YouTube channel! In my opinion, this feature directly competes with webinar software. When you schedule this private hangout, you can make the event (the event will house the hangout) visible to the public, but restrict access. Screen sharing already exists within a hangout, which means you can share slides that you would like to use in your presentation. Match this up with email sign up on your website and the days of running expensive webinars are over!

6. Start a Hangout from Your Website

This is such an important feature for brands that have reluctant audiences. For those brands, I have suggested embedding hangouts on air into their website. Now you can have your clients and potential clients contact you directly via a hangout from your website! Nothing beats face to face interaction. utilizing this feature to give your clients access to you can really increase your customer satisfaction. Read more here:

7. YouTube Live lanches for everyone!

There are certain advantages of using YouTube Live. When you enter YouTube Live you have the choice to Schedule a Live Event or start a Hangout on Air. By using YouTube live, you have access to analytics that you do not have by using regular Google Hangouts on Air. You can keep it simple or spice up your production if you are a more savvy show producer. It comes with a free version of Wirecast for YouTube, but that does not allow for multi camera switching, etc. The possibilities for high end video production are endless with YouTube Live. For more information read here:

8. Google+ Post Ads

Using your adsense account, you will be able to turn your hangout into an ad that will be displayed on the web. Not in the Google+ environment. You will also be able to apply this service to any other action you do with a brand page or profile.

So there you have it. The world is at your fingertips. The topics are endless and I see you doing great things with Google+ Hangouts and hangouts on Air in 2014.

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