Bryan Goodwin
May 27, 2015

Unlock the Power of LinkedIn

Use the power of linkedIN to reach farther with your content than you ever imagined.

LinkedIn is one of those social networking sites that never fails to offer up little surprises. Whether it is their discoverability that has been improved, to new ways to engage people outside of my immediate group of connections. LinkedIn is one of those hidden gems that keeps proving you do not want to ignore the social network for the business suits.

For a while now I have seen a few different options in LinkedIn. There is the Share an Update, Share an Image and Share a post. Now I have used the first two several times but I had never used the Post option until just recently and I decided to just try it out. What is the worst that could happen? I find out that there are very nicely dressed business trolls? If I try it once, and it turns out to not be good then just not do it anymore. I can just stay with my groups in Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus. No harm No foul.

Wow, what a surprise I received. I pasted my 1200+ word post about the 7 Big Lies that Business Tell Themselves about Social Media and went about my day. Not really giving that post any thought, till I got back to the house sat down at the computer and pulled up LinkedIn and saw that I had over 100 likes and several comments. Not bad for a social network site I rarely pay attention to. So how did this happen?

I was on the Pulse

Pulse is LinkedIn’s online magazine, and is connected to the Pulse app that is available on iPhone and Android platforms, there for along with a website itself there is a steady flow of fresh eyes reading your post. These are people come from all industries, not just the particular niche you are saddled too. This way you find other people who you can connect to and develop a relationship with.

There is a topic for you in Pulse with over 70 different “Channels” you can find new authors that you would like to connect to. Plus you will also be able to find where your posts would best fit. The channels cover from Accounting to Your Career, and there is not a dead channel listed. Each category has several posts and they all have great engagement.

Benefits of LinkedIn Posts

  • People are always looking for information and Pulse helps direct people to find your posts. As one person reads a post yours could very well be the very next inline. Because the posts are not on individual pages they flow from one article to the next so it keeps people reading. Which increases your chances of being read
  • The more people that come across you Post the more people are likely to engage with what you have written.
  • The more people that engage in your posts the wider range of people outside of your connections will be reached.

So try using a blog post you were going to put on your site and put it up on LinkedIn. You may be as surprised as I was as to how many people read it and responded. You could have the opportunity to make a new connection with your next client. You could be scratching the very itch they are suffering from and you are the closer to landing an incredible deal.


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