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March 29, 2017

Your Guide To Finding Trending Topics for your Blog

No matter how accomplished a blogger you are, it can be a challenge to produce original, well written, content – to a schedule – that will keep your readers happily engaged. Surely, there is only so much subject matter within any niche, all of which will have been covered elsewhere. So where do you turn for fresh ideas?

Enter Trending Content

People have a hunger for trending content. They will read it somewhere, so why not consider your blog as one of those places? It is important to be very knowledgeable in your blogging niche so that you can find what is trending in your industry. But, there’s more to it than just locating what’s new. You will also need to convince your audience that the trending stuff that you hope to offer to them, is something substantial and not just a fad; keeping your blog awesome at the same time.

All these requirements for putting up trending content can get cumbersome. Luckily, there are tools and techniques available that can help you make this procedure less demanding. So, lets learn how you can use some of these tools to keep your blog juiced up with the most trending topics, always.

Keyword Research

This the most important tool to help you find the trending topic that you wish to blog about. Being a blogger, you must be well aware of the importance of a keyword. Keywords are basically why people get to read your blogposts. Hence, this is a clever approach towards your search. Just put the keyword in the search bar and you will have the latest updates about the topic you want to blog about.

Adwords Keyword Planner is a tool by Google that gives information on keywords or search term. It will build and extend your existing efforts by looking for keyword, statistics and trends. Since the tool likewise gives trends, you can see which keyword or search term is gaining popularity in the course of time.


Reddit is a social news and media curation site where clients submit content in either text or through live link. Users then continue to vote content up or down to put the posts all together and figure out which ones are better than the others. By monitoring the Reddit thread of your choice, you will learn what is the next hot topic that people want to read about. The site is likewise a great place to ask a question and receive bulk answers, which proves it to be an even better ground for amassing content ideas.


Being the widely-used Q&A community site that Quora is, you are always likely to unearth great blog ideas. Just register for your account at Quora and select the topics that concern you. You will find all sorts of interesting and trending questions (and often better, answers) around your search. Also, you can use this platform to gain audience for your blogposts whenever you answer somebody’s question on the platform.


Given the level of search criteria, every trending news item is associated with one or more hashtags. Be it Twitter or Instagram (or Facebook or LinkedIn), hashtags are an immensely powerful search aid. Tools like Meltwater, RiteTag or Keyhole can help you locate trending topics.

Google Trends

Google TrendsGoogle Trends works in sync with Google to provide data requested for a search. It can be used in conjunction with keywords and topics related to the blog. Google Trends is largely useful because it lets you filter the search result based on keywords and location.

Google Alerts

If you have been blogging about fairly popular niches, it becomes quite difficult to look for trending topics because a lot of people are writing about it. So, to help you save the extra effort, you can receive alerts about the search term by using Google Alerts. It directly messages the search users whenever an update regarding the set search term is found online.

Blog Comments

Blog comments are much more than just feedback, appreciation or questions. People who leave comment on your blog are often offering suggested related content or adding aspects or discussion points that can get the creative juices flowing. The comment sections of popular blogs are great places to see what people are sharing and discussing. Keep an eye on the latest posts because that is where you will get your inspiration for a trending blog topic.

Email Newsletters and SMS Feeds

This might seem to be a little too much effort. But it can be worth it! Start by subscribing to email newsletters and/or SMS feeds from trusted blogging sites in your niche. This way, you will get quick access to the content they publish and you will be able to roll out an amazing post, just in the right time.


We thoroughly agree that giving out new ideas for constantly updating a blog with the latest topic is a difficult endeavour. However, it is also something that will help your blog stand stronger in the growing online crowd. Online forums like Triberr can be of huge help.

It is not bad to get creative once-in-a-while; a little offline research will keep your brain functioning and also help you discover some not very common mediums for blog inspiration. This may sound a little off topic but philanthropy isn’t dead. A little meditation and focus along with consumption of good content is a helpful pursuit for your brain, So, make sure that you don’t skip that.

All things considered, there’s no time like the present to research subject that interest you, and stay updated with the latest information on how the discussions around it are being created. You never know how inspired you might become.

Let us know if you have some amazing blog inspiration ideas and tools to share with us. Also, if you have a suggestion to make, feel free to leave a comment below.


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