Alice Elliott
March 28, 2017

How Having A Positive Purpose Can Influence Your Blog Writing

positive purpose influence blog writing

Just like in life, if you don’t have any direction when writing in your blog, you’re not going to get anywhere.

If you do a bit of research, you’ll find many blogs are without a purpose. This is due to blogging being done merely for pleasure. But if you’re blogging for business, you will need a positive purpose to stop yourself going round in circles.

This may mean doing a spot of brainstorming to work out your publishing schedule for the next few months. Something to guide you from A to B when writing in your blog.

This Infographic will show you what I mean:

Poignant purpose

Who are you writing for?

With all marketing activities, you need to know your target market. In blogging terms, this means your readers. They are much more important than you, the blogger, because without them your blog will soon fade into non-existence.

Gaining more readers is certainly a high priority for a blogger. You need to understand who you are writing for if you are going to give them what they want to read. Blogging becomes pointless if nobody is reading what you write.

Therefore having a positive purpose when writing your posts should be geared towards your readers’ needs, wants and desires. They need to enjoy what you write, expect consistent quality and look forward to your next installment.

Win your readers’ trust

Writing what your readers want to read will help you towards winning their trust as a writer. This is important if you want them to join your readership.

Focus on how you communicate with your audience. Are you relating yourself to them, and allowing them to relate to you? Let your personality shine through by showing more passion in your writing.

Readers read content from those they sense an affinity, admire as a writer and enjoy reading what’s obviously written for them. Make it your positive purpose to work out how your audience can associate themselves with you and your blog.

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Teach them something

Many people read blogs to search for a solution to a problem they have, or for information that could benefit them. Sometimes they don’t know what they are looking for, and a suggestive headline can stop and tempt them to read on.

So a positive purpose for your next post would be to work out what your ideal readers are searching for, or to provide them with the kind of information that would help them improve their lives.

Business blogs educate their readers by showing how they can benefit from using that service or buying that product. A post that is geared around added value will become a worthy resource that can attract potential customers.

Showcase your expertise

Blogging is a perfect answer to providing a valuable archive of information that educates readers and improves their lives by bettering themselves.

Your blog could become somewhere that answers the frequently asked questions your readers or customers currently have. This is much better than on a website, which may be restricted in what the business can say on its pages. Blogging has unlimited posts that could adapt and react instantly to the latest problem.

Explain things in a relatable way. Think how your readers think, and write using the sort of words they would normally use. The simpler and easier your posts are to understand, the better impression you will make toward being perceived as the go-to-expert.

Become a thought leader

Part of the passion you have for your subject can contribute towards you being seen as a thought leader in your field. Adopting an authoritative voice because you know your stuff inside out can only stand you in good stead.

Continue your own research and learning processes so you can pass on this valuable information to your readers. The more you gain and share will ultimately make you an esteemed knowledgeable person for that industry. The results will be speaking slots at conferences and seminars, and faster selling books.

Take advantage of using a positive purpose within your posts. If you know what you should be focusing on: audience, objectives, call to action, results, this will make what you write more meaningful and therefore more enjoyable to read.

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Persuasive tactics

Part of content writing is about persuading readers to perform a function for you. And blogging should be seen as part of social selling, involving an increased development of digital marketing and social media usage.

That persuasion comes in the form of the humble call to action. Your positive purpose for your blog should be geared around this: how can you make your readers find it and respond to how you want them to do.

Everything written in your post should be coercing the reader to the end, educating and entertaining them along the way, and preparing them to make that ultimate decision in your favour.

Keep them entertained

Entertainment can be beneficial for your readers, especially if humorous, but only if it is done properly. Sometimes this is a great way of getting a point across using a universal method the majority of people can understand.

Different forms of media can be used here. Videos, slide shows, audios, infographics, memes – alternatives to the written word appeal to a much larger audience than before.

Use current affairs, if relevant, to maintain the interest value within your next post. People like news, celebrities, music, anything they can easily relate to. Your positive purpose should be to hunt out this kind of content and use it as effectively as you can.

Think of your community

In the old days, your blog was a thriving community before the rise of social media. Now the art of commenting on your blog is sadly neglected in favour of the real-time responses you can get elsewhere. The necessities of moderation and the annoyance of spam has been an influence here.

However, you shouldn’t neglect your readership. Keeping them sweet by encouraging them to participate in your blog can help build up a good relationship. Contented readers will regularly return and even advocate your blog to their friends and contacts.

Incorporating a positive purpose in your posts means you will continue to write the kind of posts your readership wants, expects and appreciates. It gives them stability as well as for yourself, and encourages them to give feedback that could be equally helpful to you.

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Reveal your humanity

Your writing style has a big impact on your readers. They will respond better if they feel an affinity with you. People buy from people, and this is the same when it comes to readers following a blogger that they can relate to.

Using a conversational style of writing is the answer. Blogging is like a transcription of a conversation you are having with your readers. The positive purpose of your post may come across as one-sided, but encouraging comments will soon rectify that.

So try to relax and show your human side when you communicate with your readers. Accept your vulnerability, include individual quirkiness that may be endearing, anything that your readers can relate to because they are maybe just the same. Cultivate a sense of comfort and familiarity for your readers.

Consistency rules

And last, but not least, your final positive purpose should be to frequently update your blog. Avoid disappointing your adoring readers by forgetting to publish new content on a regular basis. They may be waiting with bated breath for your next instalment, so don’t disappoint them.

However, if you want to maintain consistency with updating your blog, think hard how often you can do this. How realistically can you regularly write something valuable, relevant and suitable over a long period of time?

Set a realistic timetable for posting as part of your editorial schedule. Make blogging an achievable habit, like updating your computer or taking the bins out. Brainstorm in advance a series of topics to write about, which can easily help your business as well as your blogging.

How would you use a positive purpose in your posts?

Do you create a positive purpose for each blog you write? Or do you just go with the flow and just write whatever comes into your head, or what has influenced you lately?

Let me know in the comments below if using a positive purpose has made a difference to how your blog and how your readers react to you. We could all benefit from your insight and feedback about this subject.


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