Jennifer Hanford

Do You Need Video Marketing?

Can you believe YouTube is 10 years old already? It’s true. YouTube was officially launched on February 14th, 2005 by three former PayPal employees. As verified by Wikipedia, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim “activated the Internet domain name “” and started to create a video-sharing website on which users could upload, share, and view videos.”…

Jan Gordon

Here’s How To Win The Battle For Customer Attention

By Michael Brenner Today’s consumer is bombarded with thousands of marketing messages every single day. In order to stand apart from the noise, many brands are shifting their marketing budgets out of paid advertising (that we all ignore at staggering rates) and into content programs. These branded content marketing hubs are creating owned media properties…

Anastasia Ashman

Here’s How to Use Social Media To Build Powerful Networks

If you’re thinking about growing or engaging your network online, I find a lot of people somehow manage to skip two fundamental steps. 1. Include people you already know 2. Actively connect to people It seems when we’re focused on community building on the web we feel the need to reinvent the wheel! For instance,…

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